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I. Introduction
II. Controls
III. Types of Doors
IV. Story
V. Walkthrough

World 1: Vegetable Valley
World 2: Ice Cream Islands
World 3: Butter Building
World 4: Grape Gardens
World 5: Yoghurt Yard
World 6: Orange Ocean
World 7: Rainbow Resort
World 8: Fountain of Dreams
VI. Mini-Games
VII. Powers
VIII. Items
IX. Tips/Secrets
X. Mini-Bosses/Bosses Walkthrough 1, 2
XI. Meta-Knight's Attacks
XII. MetaKnightmare Walkthrough
XIII. Frequently Asked Questions
XIV. Special Thanks
XV. Copyright Info

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Kirby: Nightmare in Dreamland FAQ/Walkthrough

By: mario kart toad / AntiGuy / Steven

X. Mini-Bosses and Bosses Walkthrough (1)


This enemy throws the tridents to hit you from the Meta-knight miniboss. You should be carful of this enemy.


This is one VERY annoying enemy. It attacks you by flying around spinning two long lance things on either side; standing on the ground and hits you by jumping over it's own lance which comes behind him as well; using the lances like helicopters and flying about the stage; bumping into you and ACTUALLY throwing the lance! Avoid this enemy as all cost. This is also from the Meta-Knight miniboss battles.


This enemy is the stongest HP wise. It takes a little longer to suck in. This guy uses its HUGE square mace and throws it around above and to the left or right. Somtimes, it goes across the stage at high speeds which is annoying so your best bet is actually to suck them in. This enemy is in the Meta-Knight miniboss battle.


This enemy is annoying. It swings its axe to hit you. Also, it can through its axe like a Cutter so watch out! Try not to use an attack like Burning from the front since Meta-Axe can block it by chopping ya! Instead, try to attack from behind. This enemy is also from the Meta-Knight miniboss.

Credit goes to toad314 for giving me the names of Meta-Knight's minions.

Poppy Bro Sr.

Kirby: This boss is a pushover. He'll bounce left and right so watch out. Attack him by sucking in the bombs he throws and spit it back in his face! He'll bounce across the screen sometimes so get ready to get out of the way. Use any power you want.

Metaknight: This is one annoying boss. Since he bounce left and right, you'll need to keep your distance. Try to use Metaknight's longer range against it and you'll won't have too much trouble. :D


Kirby: This boss is easy if you have chose a power that multi-hits like Spark, Tornado, Fire or Ice. Just make sure to keep your distance after it kicks an ice block at you. Spit the ice blocks back it neccessary.

Metknight: This boss is SO easy! Just keep on hitting it and it should be over before it even throw out the first ice block!


Kirby: This is another pushover with it's quick attacks. Tornado works best in my opinion with it's multi-hits and the only thing you need to worry about is trying not to stop when you're touching the boss. Suck in the Mini-Wheelies and spit them back at it if neccesary.

Metaknight: Becareful here and keep your distance. Try to hit it by jumping when it's charging at you and hitting it from behind while in the air. Also, you can hit it if it rams into a wall and is stunned for a while.


Kirby: This is a very dangerous foe indeed. Stay away from the enemy and try to attack it from a distance with a power like Laser or if you are daring enough, use Wheel or Tornado scoring multiple hits. When it flashes get ready to jump! Also, I've found out something cool. If you have Throw or Backdrop and you grab one of the little bugs and hold it, you beomce invincible from Buggzy's charge and grab attack. Use this to your advantage by using the bug you are holding to damage it and then attack with your power to cause even more damage!

Metaknight: This is the MOST dangerous enemy to Metaknight because of Buggzy's quick movements. Try to only use the normal slashing attack and air attack since his other ones leave him wide open.


Kirby: Just use an attack like Tornado or Freeze to score multiple hits. Watch out when Bonkers readies his hammer! When he's about 3 squares away from you, run back and use this time to attack him. He also throws coconuts. Use them to your advantage if possible.

Metaknight: Fairly dangerous foe. Bonkers moves around fairly randomly. Try not to get careless and out plan him.

Flame Lion (I dunno what to call it...)

Kirby: Like Buggzy, stay away from it if possible. Use an attack that has some range like Sword or Torndao for multi hits. Watch out, this guy moves quick and he can charge at you with a flaming tackle.

Metaknight: This either can be very quick or fairly dangerous. Run up to it and keep hitting hoping it doesn't move around to much.

  Kirby: Nightmare in Dreamland


kirby dreamland

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