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I. Introduction
II. Controls
III. Types of Doors
IV. Story
V. Walkthrough

World 1: Vegetable Valley
World 2: Ice Cream Islands
World 3: Butter Building
World 4: Grape Gardens
World 5: Yoghurt Yard
World 6: Orange Ocean
World 7: Rainbow Resort
World 8: Fountain of Dreams
VI. Mini-Games
VII. Powers
VIII. Items
IX. Tips/Secrets
X. Mini-Bosses/Bosses Walkthrough 1, 2
XI. Meta-Knight's Attacks
XII. MetaKnightmare Walkthrough
XIII. Frequently Asked Questions
XIV. Special Thanks
XV. Copyright Info

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Kirby: Nightmare in Dreamland FAQ/Walkthrough

By: mario kart toad / AntiGuy / Steven

IX. Tips and Secrets

Extra Mode - Once you get 100% in the single player game, there will be extra mode. This is a harder version of the game where you only have 3 health instead. Oxygen bottles only heal one health. The bosses can take more hits.

Metaknightmare - This is in the Subgame menu once you beat Extra mode and got 100%. This is a cool mode where you play as Metaknight! You only have three health though and he can't copy powers. He can light fuses with his sword. He has a normal attack, sliding attack, running attack, jump attack and an attack that hits above himself. The last boss in this game though is King DeDeDe and it's weird when it's Metaknight Vs. Metaknight.

About the doors - If the star on a stage door turns red, that means there's no secret or you have found the hidden switch. (Secret areas like in 1-2 count to you completion of the game I think)

Mix - If you swollow two enemies at once that have powers, you'll enter the stage. It's basically a roulette going through cycling through all of the powers. Press A to stop the roulette and get your power! Also, someone found out that specific enemies always give you the same power if you just let the roulette stop by itself.

Hidden Switch Bonus - Once you hit a hidden switch, your health is restored. This is certainly useful in the Metaknightmare and the Extra Mode.

Boss Endurance - This is unlocked when you complete the normal game. This is a test of endurance where you fight all of the bosses 1 by one without and powers and healing items. This is tough!

  Kirby: Nightmare in Dreamland


kirby dreamland

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