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Part A - Normal Levels 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15
Part B - Extra Levels 1, 2
Part C - Ly's Challenges
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Rayman 3 FAQ/Walkthrough

By Beverley Wooff (online alias "Rexy")

5. Walkthrough

Part A - Normal Levels - 8


Go to the right for the first level. Nuff said.

LEVEL 9 - River of Fire

{Part 1}
You can use the Murfy stone at the start if you want, which tells you how to use the plums in the level. Regardless of what you do, climb on the wall for the first two lums [1-2]. On there, shoot the plum down. Then jump down onto it. Here's how you navigate them - shoot in the direction opposite to where you want to go. So if you want to go right, you shoot left, and vice verca. Start shooting left to start moving. Then jump over the mine to another lum [3]. Climb up another wall, shoot the plum and jump on it. Shoot left, duck under the bomb and jump off to another platform to the right. Shoot the bombs and bring the plum down to the lava. Jump on it, and use good timed punches to go past the lava waterfall. Jump on another platform, shoot another plum down and jump to it without getting singed by the lava fall. Shoot left to reach a platform with a green lum.

Go through the mines and jump for another lum [4] before climbing up the wall for another [5]. From the top, go left for the two lums in the air [6-7]. Then go back on the wall and break the ~FIRST CAGE~. Go back down, shoot the plum and jump on it. Go past the lava fall with care, and either turn around and shoot the bomb or jump over it. Keep on shooting left to reach a slope, leading to another plum to shoot down and ride. Start shooting left, and duck under the two bombs. Jump up to the roots hanging above and hang on them towards three lums [8-10] and shooting a zombie chicken on the way. Shoot the plum down from where you are and helicopter down to it. Go past the lava fall and duck or jump over the moving bomb before jumping off to another slope, leading to a red lum. Jump to the next platform for a Green Lum.

Shoot the bombs in the air and go to the next platform. Duck under the spiked "hat" that sets off forward upon arrival. Then shoot down the plum and ride it. Either jump over or blow up the bomb when necessary and let the plum drop a bit to the yellow lum at the end [11] before jumping to the walls. Jump up from the top, shoot and repeat to break the ~SECOND CAGE~. Cross walls and shoot down another plum before riding. Again, shoot or jump over the bomb and jump off at the end, going towards a path of three lums [12-14] down to another platform. Hang across the roots and jump down onto another platform. Shoot the bomb and cross walls to the final platform, getting the final lum [15] and reaching the exit.

{Part 2}
Shoot the plum down and ride it up the slope, under the bomb, down the slope and jump off to the first lum [1] and to a wall. Climb to the top and jump on the plum. Then it's a case of shooting left, ducking under bombs and jumping off onto another plum four times, until you land on a wall. You should get two yellow lums [2-3] and a red lum on the way down. Cross walls and climb up to reach another plum. Ride on it, duck under the mines, jump for the lum and land on another plum, and repeat twice more [4-6]. Shoot left, go up the slope, duck under the bombs and helicopter for the two lums in the air [7-8] before grabbing the wall. Climb up, helicopter to the wall to the right and go to the top to launch charged shots at the ~CAGE~. Drop down to the platform beneath to get the Green Lum.

Jump on the wall to the right and land on the plum. Go right, duck under one mine and jump over another, go over the gap for a lum [10], land on another plum, jump over a mine, go over another gap for another lum [11], land on another plum and jump over the moving mine before heading across another gap to another plum. Go right, jump over a mine, get the lum in the air and repeat [12-13]. Go to the platform on the right to finish the section.

{Part 3}
Surprised, are you? Go on the plum and ride it down the slope, duck under the bombs and jump over the gap to land on another plum, getting two lums [1-2] on the way. Repeat twice, but there's one lum over the next two gaps [3-4] and one bomb to duck under on the second. Move right again, duck under one bomb and jump over another for another lum [5]. Reach the wall, climb up and hover over to a wall on the left, dodging a moving mine. Climb up to the top and jump for the lum [6] before swinging on the purple lum. That should take you to another to swing on, bringing you to another lum [7] and a wall to climb on. Reach the top and charge your shots left to break the ~CAGE~. Jump for the lum on the right [8] and swing on the purple lum, go over the mine and land on the plum. Shoot left and jump over a moving mine guarding over two lums [9- 10]. Go over a still mine to reach the wall. Climb to the top and jump and swing onto the purple lums to the left. On the second one, go over a mine, and land on a plum. Be sure to shoot right this time to move left. Go over the moving mine and get the lum in the air [11], jump over the still mine and go over a gap with two mines before landing on a plum, getting the final lum [12] near the second one. Go left again and jump over three mines to reach an extra life and the exit.

After that, you meet up with Ly again. She gives you the power to fly with your helicopter for a limited time after getting a blue lum. You can go back to Prickly Passage to get the last few lums if you want, but if you're too eager to reach a new level, go right, use the blue lum to fly straight up, go to the left of the platform above for another blue lum to add extra time and fly straight up, reaching a level on a high left platform.

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