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Part A - Normal Levels 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15
Part B - Extra Levels 1, 2
Part C - Ly's Challenges
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Rayman 3 FAQ/Walkthrough

By Beverley Wooff (online alias "Rexy")

5. Walkthrough

Part A - Normal Levels - 5


Start by going to the right and climbing down the ladder. Hit the switch on the left, go through the door on the right and face another non-side scrolling platform level!

LEVEL 5 - Magma Mayhem

You ride on a dodgem on a track - three laps around the course and you're through! Touching lava makes you lose a hit, while touching anything else either bumps you back a bit or sends you speeding down a corner. Be careful with how you get your lums here - if you lose a life, you lose all the lums you earned on that level too.

Going around a lap of the track for the lum locations, go straight ahead for six lums [1-6] and a still boulder to avoid. Go around the corner to the right, and there's another lum ahead [7] and a line of three [8-10] over a set of trampolines. Two in a row [11-12] are there after that, and two more are in a line [13-14] before another corner to the right. A fork lies ahead, each of the two sides having three lums [15-20]. Grab the red lum if you need it. Go past the moving boulder to another fork, again with three lums either side [21-26]. Get the lone lum ahead [27] and go to a corner to the left. Go past the moving boulder and go around the u-turn, facing a line of eight lums [28- 35] on there. Get the lone lum ahead [36], go on the trampoline, get the other lum [37], jump on another trampoline, get the three lums in the line [38-40], go on another trampoline, go around the rolling stone, get the three lums ahead [41-43] and take the corner to the right. Two lums are in a line behind the finish line [44-45].

After you complete the level, hit the switch on the right to leave through the door, climb down the ladder, and climb under the gap to the left for your next destination.

LEVEL 6 - Vertigo Wastes

{Part 1}
The first part requires you to hit four switches to open a door to reach the exit. Reminds you of the Echoing Caves in Rayman 2, doesn't it? :) Okay, let's begin. At the start, go left to the first lum [1], and a fight with a Henchman in a gold shirt. They fight like the red Henchmen in the first world, but also they sometimes jump over your attacks, so it helps if you jump with them. After defeating him, keep going left onto a platform and grab the purple lums to the *FIRST SWITCH*, getting three lums [2-4] on the way. Go across the platforms to the right back towards the start, but be sure to duck under the red shells that come your way. Once there, go down the slope to the right for another lum [5], jump to another platform and keep going to another gold Henchman. Defeat him and keep going to three platforms, each with a trampoline on them, and one of which with another lum [6]. On the third one, helicopter to the right for another platform and hang on the edge of it, breaking the ~FIRST CAGE~ from there. Jump back up, get the lum [7] and hit the *SECOND SWITCH* on the right before ducking under the red shell coming towards you. Keep going to the right, drop down to another platform and run to the left, getting another lum [8] and facing another gold Henchman. He's on a higher ledge than you, so use the trampoline near you to reach him and punch him while in the air. After he's gone, jump on that ledge for the *THIRD SWITCH* and drop down to the platform underneath the trampoline. Crawl under the small gap for another lum [9] and the *FOURTH SWITCH*.

Go back under the gap, run left, jump for another platform and go down the slope for two lums [10-11] before ducking under another red shell. Jump up two platforms to the left before turning back to the three trampolines on the right. Use the second one to reach a red lum if you need it and a yellow lum [12] before using your helicopter to go to a platform on the top left. Run up the slope and hang on the edge before breaking the ~SECOND CAGE~. Jump back up and go to the platform on the left to reach another lum [13]. Helicopter to the left from there to another platform, but hang on the edge - a gold Henchman occupies the whole space on there! The trick to beat him is this - jump up, hit him and hang on the edge again. If you do this about four times, then he should go. Jump up on the platform and helicopter to the landing on the left. Run down the slope for three lums [14-16] and reach the chunky platform to the left. Another Henchman is in sight! The trick with this one is to jump on the lower part of the chunky platform and shoot him there. When he's shooting at you, either duck or jump onto the higher part of the platform. After he's killed, go along the left and you're home free!
LUMS 17-20 (Body breaking ability required) - At the start, you should see a wooden bridge with the lums and an extra life underneath. Jump in the air, send your body down to there and land on the platform to get everything there.
{PART 2}
Just like the Echoing Caves again, this part lets you fly on kegs in the air! Before doing anything, go to your left and jump up to the lum on the platform [1]. Then go down to the platform beneath it for another [2]. Get back up, jump for the keg, grab it and walk to the torch. (Do you think the designers could have added a Murfy stone here?) That should set you flying. The first straight is easy enough, with three lums [3-5] on your way. Then comes a dip down for two seconds, and a rise back up for four more lums [6-9] before the keg loses its power and you land at a Green Lum.

Go along to the two platforms in the air, go down between them and break the ~FIRST CAGE~. Jump back up and keep on going right, until you face another gold Henchman. Defeat him, and keep on going to the keg. Bring it to the torch and start flying again! Get the first lum near the start [10] and take the top path for two more [11-12]. You then face a straight with bombs and planks at the top and bottom with five lums inbetween [13-17]. Then rise to the top quickly for two more [18-19] before the keg loses power. Slide down the slime path to another platform and a Green Lum.

Climb up to another platform, and to the right of you is another gold Henchman to defeat. After that, cross platforms to the keg on the right, bring it to the torch and take off again. Along this route you should take a brief dip down and a rise up the path, going over a moving bomb, heading straight through three moving bombs, taking another dip down and a rise up towards a narrow straight before the keg loses power and you land on another platform. You should earn the last six lums while doing so [20-25]. Helicopter to the platform on the right and jump up to fight another Henchman. After he's gone, hang onto the edge of the platform he was standing on and break the ~SECOND CAGE~. Jump back up and go to the right to reach the exit.

You should soon see Ly, who tells you that Globox was found in the world of Bad Dreams. So without further ado, she gives you a new power - that to climb up between two walls. Soon you'll be back at the world map - go under the gap at the right, run up the steps, crawl under the space and climb between the two walls to reach the next level.

  Rayman 3

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