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Part A - Normal Levels 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15
Part B - Extra Levels 1, 2
Part C - Ly's Challenges
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Rayman 3 FAQ/Walkthrough

By Beverley Wooff (online alias "Rexy")

5. Walkthrough

Part A - Normal Levels - 10

LEVEL 11 - Boulder Brink

{Part 1}
Start by going right, jumping on three smaller platforms to a longer platform with two yellow lums above it [1-2]. Jump for the roots at the top and hang on them towards three more small platforms. Helicopter to the third lum [3] and get the pair along the longer platform [4-5], ducking/jumping when the red shell comes towards you. Repeat the previous sentence but with two shells to dodge on the next long platform [6-8]. Jump on three smaller platforms again, and then swing onto the purple lum towards a bunch of rocky platforms with the Green Lum.

Go down and right to a long platform and get four lums along it [9-12], jump back up and climb up the platforms as high as you can go, getting a lum [13] near it. Go along the left of the long one at the top and hang onto it before using your fists to hit the ~CAGE~. Swing on the purple lum to the slime slide to the left, head onto the two small platforms, and jump up for the purple lum before swinging onto it and two more. Before long you should get another lum in the air [14] before grabbing more roots and swinging left to another slime slide. Jump onto the smaller platforms and reach the longer platform, getting two lums [15-16] and dodging two red shells. Head left to another slime slide, land on two smaller platforms and jump for the purple lum before swinging on it. You should reach a platform with a red shell and a green Henchman. Jump over the red shell first, as well as any shots from the latter, and kill him off. Keep going left to another Henchman, get rid of him, get the lum near the exit [17] and you're through!
LUMS 18-20 (Body breaking ability required) - At the start, go left to a wooden bridge. Send your body onto it to break it. Once down, go left and climb up the platforms to get the lums and an extra life.

{Part 2}
Hit the switch to open the door. Then reach a long unstable platform with two lums [1-2] and two red shells on it. Head to the stone platform on the right, and send a charged shot to the switch to open that door. Go along two smaller platforms, and run right on the longer platform, getting two lums [3-4] and dodging two red shells. At the right end of it, shoot the switch before the platform breaks! Then go through the door onto two smaller platforms before reaching a stone platform. A red shell should come near you - duck or jump. Keep going and there will be another one to dodge. Hang on the roots and drop to the small platform. Then jump for another bunch of roots and hang to the longer platform. Get the two lums on there [5-6], jump over two red shells, and jump and shoot on the switch. Go through the door across three smaller platforms - on the second there's a ~CAGE~ to break, so get it before continuing onward. Then swing on two purple lums to a slime slide, and at the top of it jump up towards a stone platform with three lums on it [7-9]. Drop down, get the extra life, grab the roots and hang onto them to a smaller platform. Repeat the previous two instructions. Jump to another platform and hang on the roots again, making your way to another small platform. Reach the next set of roots and drop to a long platform with two lums [10-11] and two red shells to dodge. Climb up the stairway of small platforms for three lums [12-14], and hang onto the rock sticking out on the left. Go on the small platform with a single lum on it [15] and hang on the roots nearby towards a stone platform with three lums on it [16-18]. Go on the smaller platform for another lum [19], and wait for it to fall down onto the slime slide underneath. That should take you two a pair of platforms and from there you should jump to a purple lum on the right, getting a yellow lum on the way there [20]. Swing to the right for another lum [21] and jump right towards a Green Lum.

Dodge the pair of red shells, and swing on the purple lum to a stone platform. Be very quick at this stage - run to the right edge and jump and helicopter to the stone platform. While you do that, a Henchman drops down and prepares to fire. You know the score from here - jump up, hit him, and hang back on the platform. After he's gone, go to the platform on the right and climb under the gap for another lum [22]. Jump to the next platform and climb under another gap. At the other side, jump down three slime slides with a lum after the first two [23-24]. After that you should reach three smaller platforms with the final lum on them [25]. Jump to a fourth higher smaller platform and then helicopter to hang on a stone platform, with another green Henchman underneath. Again, jump up, shoot him and hang back down. After he's gone, go on the smaller platform and shoot the switch. Quickly helicopter through the door to another platform, which will take you to a stone ledge with two red shells to jump/duck, with a switch opening a door behind it. Go through it and defeat another green Hunchman before reaching the exit.

At the world map, go down the chain to the right and drop down. Go left and shoot the switch - that should trigger a door to go through on the right, leading to another boss! After its defeat, you see Ly again, who gives you the power to break the ground with your body! You can go back to Haunted Dreams and get the lums at Vertigo Wastes (and clear the bonus level there if you got all the lums over there - it's to the left of Jano's Nest if you have to get there) and/or return to Boulder Brink for the remaining lums if you want. No matter what you do, hit the switch to open the door and leave. Go left to the wooden bridge and break it. Then once underneath it, head right to the next level.

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