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4. Controls
5. Walkthrough

Part A - Normal Levels 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15
Part B - Extra Levels 1, 2
Part C - Ly's Challenges
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Rayman 3 FAQ/Walkthrough

By Beverley Wooff (online alias "Rexy")

5. Walkthrough

Part B - Extra Levels - 1

WORLD 1 BONUS - Mega Havoc 1

Start by jumping on the trampoline to a moving platform. Jump and hit the bomb, duck under the next set, get the first lum [1], hit another bomb and jump over another shelled one. Get the lum inbetween the next pair [2] and jump on the trampolines to reach a net before the platform gets burnt. Climb to the top and get the lum on the left [3]. Use a nearby purple lum to swing to your right and get the lum [4] before landing on another trampoilne. Go to the right for another purple lum, swing on it and reach another moving platform with a nearby lum [5]. Quickly jump off onto the net, get the yellow lum at the top left [6] and go to the bunch of moving platforms on the right, getting another lum [7] and jumping over another shelled bomb. On the third, swing onto the purple lum, get the lum in the air [8], hang on the edge of the next platform for another [9] and jump back up for the Green Lum.

Get the lum above the trampoline [10], hit the bomb in the air and traverse the purple lums towards a net, getting another lum [11] on the way. Get the lum on the net [12], go down to the platform and jump to a platform on the left. It takes you to a yellow lum [13], an extra life and another platform that takes you to the purple lums before the net. Go back down, get the lum in the air [14] and use the nearby trampoline to go over another bomb and jump on a moving platform, with the process repeating twice and getting two lums [15- 16] on the way. The fourth platform in line takes you down to a bunch of trampolines - use them to get another lum [17] and destroy two bombs. Jump to the moving platform, shoot another bomb and duck under the spiked bomb, and continue the process of jumping over, ducking under and/or destroying bombs, with a platform change in the middle, to reach the platform at the end, getting the final three lums [18-20] and reaching the exit.

WORLD 2 BONUS - Mega Havoc 2

Pick up the keg and bring it to the torch to start flying. Go over the pointed sticks and dip under the stone platform for two lums [1-2], then go through a bunch of bombs for two more yellow lums [3-4] and an extra life. As soon as you let go of the keg, swing across the purple lums to get another lum [5] and a way to a bunch of roots to hang onto. Hang to the small platform with the lum on it [6]. Then jump to another batch of roots, hang right to another platform and repeat. Quickly shoot the bomb on the next platform, jump on it and go over to the slime slide, getting a lum in the air while doing so [7]. Use the slide to reach another bunch of roots to take you to two platforms to step up on. Jump for the lum above [8] and go to the slime slide nearby. At the bottom of it, use the purple lum to fly over the mines and get the lum [9]. Head right and, if you got there fast enough, swing onto the purple lum. Use that to take you to another blue lum and fly over the mines, getting the lum to the top right of the last one in the path [10]. Hang onto the purple lum after it, jump down on a stone platform to another lum [11] and go to the one next to it for the Green Lum.

Go on the slime slide and swing on the purple lum to the right of it. Repeat. Get the lum in the air [12] and slide down on another slide. Jump for the lum nearby [13] and go down another slide, before swinging on a batch of purple lums, getting a yellow lum between the second and third one [14]. Head onto the small platforms, getting the lum above the second one [15] and go down two slime slides one after another. At the end of the second you should grab another lum [16] and a blue lum to fly with. Shoot the one bomb in the pack of mines, fly through the gap, go near the purple lum for another yellow lum [17] and swing onto it. Head to the slime slide on the right and go down it for another lum [18]. That should take you up to some roots to hang onto and drop down to a platform. Repeat. Then cross platforms, jump for the lum [19] and swing on the purple lum next to it. Head right to a stone ledge with the final lum [20] and the exit behind it.

WORLD 3 BONUS - Mega Havoc 3

Get the blue lum in the air and use it to go over the mines, hit the plum into the lava and go straight up to the lum [1]. Go on the plum, shoot left to go right and jump over two mines, the second holding a lum above it [2]. Get the lum in the air and hang on the wall. Get the lum on the small platform [4] and progress onto three more of those platforms with a lum near them [5] before going on another plum. Go right, get the lum above the pair of mines [6], get the blue lum, go over the mines, get the extra life, get another blue lum and get the two lums close to the lava stream [7-8]. Shoot the plum down and ride it to the right. Duck under the mine and get the lum on its right [9] before jumping over three mines one after another and going over a moving mine. Get the lum in the air [10] and get the Green Lum near it.

Grab the blue lum and go over the mines. Get the lum near them [11], shoot the bomb and go through the gap. Get the blue lum to fill your gauge, fly straight up to another lum [12], shoot the bomb and go through the gap to another lum [13]. Get the bomb at the bottom of the row of mines, fly through the gap and get another blue lum. Go through the moving mines for another lum [14] and get another blue lum. Go through more mines and get the lum [15] near the small platforms. Cross them to reach the plum. Duck under the mines and get the lum in the air [16] while going over to four small platforms with two mines hovering above them. Crawl under them, get a lum [17] and jump for another near the blue lum [18], using that to hit a bomb over a mine, fly over it, go down and get the lum there [19] and hit the bomb to go through the gap. Get the final lum [20] near the stone platform and reach the exit.

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