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5. Walkthrough

Part A - Normal Levels 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15
Part B - Extra Levels 1, 2
Part C - Ly's Challenges
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Rayman 3 FAQ/Walkthrough

By Beverley Wooff (online alias "Rexy")

5. Walkthrough

Part A - Normal Levels - 9

LEVEL 10 - The Underlands

{Part 1}
Hit the switch on the left, and get the blue lum from it - you can fly throughout the whole of this section! Go straight up and get the lum at the top [1], hit the bomb blocking the way to the right, go the red lum and go down. Get the yellow lum near the lava at the bottom [2] and go right. Shoot the bombs blocking your way to reach the switch and flip it, giving you three lums in the gap underneath it [3-5]. Continue right and shoot the zombie chicken. Flip the switch further right for three bombs underneath the gap if you want to break them, but you need the switch after it for three lums underneath it [6-8]. Go straight up from there through the gap, go left and shoot the zombie chicken. Continue along the channel for two lums [9-10] until you reach another zombie chicken to shoot down. Go up along the channel, get the lum [11], shoot two zombie chickens and get another lum [12] before reaching a mine. Go under it and get the nearby lum [13]. Keep on going, and by the time you go down a downwards collection, go down to the left of the next mine in line. Get the lum down below [14], and go right, through the gap, through both mines and shooting a zombie chicken nearby. Go straight up, shoot the bombs blocking your way and flip the switch to the left, giving you three lums [15-17] through a pack of mines. Get the red lum if required. Go back through the mines and get back down. Head right, and shoot the zombie chicken. Go up and shoot the zombie chicken guarding the ~FIRST CAGE~. Break it! Go up, around the moving mine and when you're right at the top, go right and shoot the three bombs in a line. Go down, and when you're at the junction for down and right, you can take the right to a gap with an extra life in it if you want. Regardless of what you do, take the downward path, go far left as you can for the red lum if you want, and keep going down until you reach the lava. Get the lum on the left [18] and then go right. Keep on going right, around the thistles in mid air and under another gap, until you reach a platform with a green lum. Finally!

Head right for your first dark lum encounter. Either fly around it when it speeds towards you, or use your fist to shoot it. Keep going down the channel to another, before facing a zombie chicken and getting a red lum if you need it. Fight another dark lum, and dodge the spiked hats nearby. Keep going right and land on a platform to fight a Henchman in a green shirt. He's similar to the red Henchmen, except that he fires two shots one after another. Kill him off and go right for the ~SECOND CAGE~. Fly up for another lum [19] before heading back left. On that platform where the green Henchman stood, go straight up, through the mines and shoot the bomb on the right. Go as far right as you can and go up for another lum [20]. Go back to the junction and shoot the one on the left to go in that direction. The first chamber you come across should have another lum in it [21], so get it! Then go back down and continue onward. Shoot down the two zombie chickens in your way and continue. The second chamber along from the previous lum has another [22]. Take the upward path to the left of it to get another lum [23] before destroying a set of five bombs one after another blocking your way. You should meet up with another zombie chicken before long, so shoot it down. Go down from there to another lum [24] and shoot the zombie chicken to its left. Keep going left to the exit, but don't touch it just yet! Instead, go over it and down through the gap. Go left as far as you can and hover up to the final lum [25]. Then go back to the exit.

{Part 2}
This part of the level requires good timing with the blue lums here. Remember that when the timer runs out, you'd fall to the ground no matter where you are. Start by getting the blue lum and go straight up to the first lum [1]. Go left for another blue lum and use that to go straight up to another lum [2]. Shoot the bombs on the right, get the blue lums between them and go down that channel to a path of two lums heading down [3-4]. Get the blue lum to keep floating and head left at the bottom to another green Henchman. Defeat him and use the blue lum on the left to go up and left to the ~FIRST CAGE~ - be sure to shoot it while in the air - and two lums on the ceiling [5-6]. Then go back to the platform and take the blue lum to the right. Go over or shoot the bomb and get the lum near it [7]. Go under the gap, get the blue lum and head up to flip the switch. Quickly head to the right to reach a platform with a black ball on it. Shoot it down and throw it to get rid of it. Get the blue lum nearby and go up near the ceiling for two lums close by [8-9]. Go through the door and jump for the blue lum. Go through the mines for two yellow lums and a blue lum [10-11], go through the bombs for another [12], get the blue lum if necessary and pass through more mines to reach three bombs blocking your way to a platform. Shoot them down and land on the platform to fight another green Henchman. Once he's gone, get the blue lum and head up to the ceilng around the platform for two more lums [13-14]. Then go back down, and use the blue lum to fly right, towards another dark lum. Shoot it or dodge it, go straight up for a yellow lum and a blue lum [15] and go right to another lum [16] and another blue lum. Go through the gap and head straight up to flip the switch. Go to the platform to the right and get rid of two black balls. Get the blue lum to the left of the platform and go up along the ceiling to get three lums close together [17-19]. Head through the door to get the Green Lum.

Take the blue lums and go up the rightmost channel to reach the ~SECOND CAGE~. Go down and go up the left channel. Head straight up to a lum [20], get the blue lum and reach another yellow lum to the left [21]. Tackle the zombie chickens to reach another blue lum and keep going left until you reach a platform. Shoot down the black ball and throw it, and get the blue lum to go left to two dark lums one after another. Get the blue lum, fight another dark lum and continue left through the minefield ahead, getting the final nine lums through it [22-30], with two instances of shooting a gap through a wall of bombs. The very next platform you will come across will hold the exit.

-At the world map, climb up the chain and jump over to another on the right. Then go right onto a platform for the next level.

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