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Rayman 3 FAQ/Walkthrough

By Beverley Wooff (online alias "Rexy")

6. Bosses

BOSS 1 - Garish Gears

Pick up the barrel to the left, and carry it to the right. If a bomb comes to you, throw the barrel up with the A button, press B to shoot the bomb with your fists, and stay still to catch the barrel. Once you're at the edge of the platform, throw it at the gears to knock one off. Repeat twice.

BOSS 2 - Jano's Nest

Helicopter on a ledge to the right to meet with Jano, a cyclopse in a top hat. :P Shoot over the two horizontal fireballs he sends at you. Then he'll send out a skull towards you. Shoot it and step on it. Repeat the process until you reach a stone platform.

Then, he'll start sending out diagonal attacks. They could be harder to jump over than the horizontal fireballs, but it's still possible to avoid them - by either ducking or jumping - without taking damage. He'll then shoot skulls in a diagonal direction too, so jump up and shoot them before stepping on them. Repeat before reaching the second stone platform.

There, he will not only perform the attacks in phase 2, but he will go behind you and shoot from there too! After that, he will send a skull in the air. Jump up and shoot at it, then ride on it to the third and final stone platform. Be sure to avoid the fireball shower on the way there! Once you're on there, the boss is defeated!

BOSS 3 - Den of Rocky

This boss starts with sending his fists down to the ground and allowing fire to shoot up underneath you. Take a look at where the smoke rises from the ground when he hits it - that tells you to stay well clear from it if you want to avoid taking any damage. After a few pounds, a blue lum should show up, so get it and fly up so that you're level with his head, and shoot it. He will then charge along the ground, so duck under him.

The second phase is the same as the previous one, but two fire sprouts are launched simultaneously upon every pound. After that's done, get the blue lum and hit him on the head. He will then rush among the ground three times - duck the first time, jump over him second, and duck again for the third and final rush.

The third phase is much harder - three fire sprouts are sent in unison as he pounds down! Then, get the blue lum that shows up and hit him on the head again to defeat him!

BOSS 4 - Scaleman's Keep

This boss has more hitpoints than any other in the game, but don't let that scare you. He starts by rolling towards you, so jump over him when he comes near you. When he shows himself back up to his normal form, hit him to make him shrink. That causes him to run across the arena, so jump over him and send your body onto him to make him lose a hit point and get back to his normal height.

He then curls up again and bounces across the arena. So run under him when he comes near you. Punch him to shrink him again, and jump and send your body onto him before he grows back to normal size.

He rolls up again and takes to the air before heading down to wherever you're standing, so run from his shadow. After three attempts, he will show himself again. So shrink him and send your body on him.

He will send a red lum above him before rolling back on the ground faster than in phase one. Jump over him, get the red lum if you need it and wait for him to show his normal size. Hit him and send your body on him. Word of caution - he starts running faster, so be quick!

He then curls up and bounces around the arena. This phase isn't that much different from phase two. Then when he shows himself again, hit him and send your body on him. Five hits down, one to go.

He does the same sky bomb attack in phase 3, but this time, he starts coming down faster. Again, dodge his shadow. Then he'll show himself again. Hit him and send your body on him to defeat the boss!

BOSS 5 - Heart of the Ancients

{Part 1}
You read it right - it's a two part boss! Razorbeard is seen inside his robot, ready to duel against you! Robot... isn't that the Grolgoth from Rayman 2? Answers on a postcard, please. :P

The first phase shows the robot giving off some low and high shots. Jump over the low ones and duck under the highs. Then it'll open a hatch on its stomach and you simply punch the golden mine he sends out back at him. One hit point gone already. He'll jump up in the air, and some mines will fall to the ground. It helps to find a gap within them to dodge them. Go to the right of the screen and the robot will re-appear on the left.

The second phase is similar to last time, but he also sends out missiles - jump over them! The bomb it launches is higher in the air this time, so jump and hit it. Again, more bombs fall, so find a gap in them. However, there's more of them this time so it can be a bit harder. Then, make your way to the left of the screen for the bot to reappear on the right.

The third phase has more of the missile attacks than the shots, and the bomb to hit is even higher. After another hit is taken, he'll go back up and a bomb will reach you from the right. This time it's increasing in size, so chase it off by charging your fist at it. Then go to the right of the screen and the robot will be back on the left.

More shots and missiles to dodge, similar to phase three, and then he sends out the same bomb that attacked you inbetween its previous two attacks. Charge your fist at it to send it back to it. Then he'll go back up. Two of the same kind of bombs come to you, one from either side - charge your fist at them one by one, then wait at the left until the robot comes back on the right.

A similar attack to phase four comes here, before he launches another of those mines to charge your fist into. The first part is clear!

{Part 2}
This is a trickier part of the boss - you're on a flying shell, and you use this to move around with. One scratch of damage and you're dead. Darn.

This boss sends missiles out towards you. Let them chase you, and when they start beeping at their finest, move up and out of the way, allowing it to slam into the robot instead. It'll fall into the water, and leave the scene. Go through the three fireballs coming from the left, and then the robot should reappear on the left. The same phase occurs in phase two, but with the attacks of the robot from the left, the storm of fireballs from the right and the reappearing of the robot on the right too.

Another missile is sent, and you lure it to the robot. Then, it'll go down. This time you face fireballs from both directions - go through them all and be ready for phase four.

Send the missile to it again, and here comes the tricky part - going through the mines that fall from the sky. Which can be harder because the flying missile has no brakes. :|

The final hit to inflict is also a toughie - two missiles are sent out at once! Be sure to send one of them to the robot. Then, the battle's over and the war has won! Now, sit back, relax and enjoy the ending.

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