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(1) Updates
(2) Who am I?
(3) Controls
  - 3.1 Basic Controls
  - 3.2 Game Screen
(4) Game Basics
  - 4.1 Harry's Notebook
  - 4.2 Spells and their Effects
  - 4.3 Healing Items and Potions
  - 4.4 Potion Cauldrons
  - 4.5 Trick Items
  - 4.6 Collectibles
  - 4.7 Owl Post
(5) Walkthrough 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18
(6) Enemies
  - 6.1 Bestiary
  - 6.2 Non-Living Obstacles
(7) Money Locations (nothing yet)
  - 7.1 Knuts
  - 7.2 Sickles
(8) Wizard Cards
  - 8.1 Beast
  - 8.2 Potions
  - 8.3 Quidditch
  - 8.4 Charms
  - 8.5 Locations
(9) Jellybeans
(10) Chocolate Frogs (nothing yet)
(11) Frequently Asked Questions
(12) Credits (nothing yet)
(13) Legal Stuff

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Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets Walkthrough.

By Schlave

Walkthrough (5)

MAIN TASK 3 : Hagrid Hunt
Objective - Find Hagrid outside the Leaky Cauldron after collecting all your supplies.

This doesn't really warrant a "Main Task" Title; to find Hagrid, all you have to do is to go downwards and talk to him to complete this absurd task. After he walks into the building next to you, head through the door as well.

Leaky Cauldron
Throw and break the two barrels in the room for two Knuts, then head through the door at the other side. After Hagrid leaves you, Ron runs up and tells you that you've missed the train to your school! Looks like you're in trouble! Enter the room next to the counter.

MAIN TASK 4 : Finding Floo
Objective - You have missed the train to your school and desperately need to get home quick in order to use Ron's father's car to FLY to school. In order to do this, you need to find a bag of Floo powder.

Hop off the stairs and head to the lowest part of the room, taking care not to get hit by large barrels rolling across the floor; break the barrel there for a Knut, then head to the left part of the room. Throw the lever there to lower a chest on the second storey. Oops, you can't reach it...regardless, exit the room.

Back in the barroom of the Leaky Cauldron, go upwards and flip the lever (save your progress if you need to) and head through the opened bookcase door. Open the chest for a bag of Floo powder! Then exit and go all the way downwards until you find Ron at the fireplace. Talk to him to complete your task.

You and Ron will teleport back to your home and steal Ron's father's car, and drives it to Hogwarts. However, upon reaching the school, Ron slams the car into a large, antique tree - the Whomping Willow. You and Ron stumble out and peer into the school's Great Hall, and are confronted by the teacher that you and Ron hate most - Severus Snape.
After an earbashing, he tells you to get up to the Gryffindor (Harry's school House) Common Room.

MAIN TASK 5 : Dormitory 1
Objective - Harry has to find his way back to the Common Room after receiving a scolding from Snape.

Entrance Hall
Find your way to the top right corner of area and destroy the pot with two shots of Flipendo to get your very first Jellybean <J: 1/100>. Then make your way up the stairs and through the right door.

Floor 1
You'll meet up with Nearly Headless Nick, one of the friendly school ghosts. Walk forward along the pathway and smash the pot as you go for another Jellybean <J: 2/100>. Then go through the doorway.

Floor 2
Simply head along to the doorway at the other end.

Floor 3
Here, you'll meet the unfriendly Peeves. He'll cackle and float up the stairs; advance cautiously, for Peeves will chuck pots down the two flights of stairs. When you meet him at the top of the second flight, he'll cackle and rush off again, allowing you to proceed to the doorway.

Floor 4
At the top of the stairway, smash another pot for another Jellybean <J: 3/100>. Then carry on and through the doorway.

  Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets

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