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(1) Updates
(2) Who am I?
(3) Controls
  - 3.1 Basic Controls
  - 3.2 Game Screen
(4) Game Basics
  - 4.1 Harry's Notebook
  - 4.2 Spells and their Effects
  - 4.3 Healing Items and Potions
  - 4.4 Potion Cauldrons
  - 4.5 Trick Items
  - 4.6 Collectibles
  - 4.7 Owl Post
(5) Walkthrough 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18
(6) Enemies
  - 6.1 Bestiary
  - 6.2 Non-Living Obstacles
(7) Money Locations (nothing yet)
  - 7.1 Knuts
  - 7.2 Sickles
(8) Wizard Cards
  - 8.1 Beast
  - 8.2 Potions
  - 8.3 Quidditch
  - 8.4 Charms
  - 8.5 Locations
(9) Jellybeans
(10) Chocolate Frogs (nothing yet)
(11) Frequently Asked Questions
(12) Credits (nothing yet)
(13) Legal Stuff

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Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets Walkthrough.

By Schlave

Walkthrough (11)

Pop! It's Filch! He gives you a scolding, then walks off. Exit the Belowground and you'll be back in the Entrance Hall.

MAIN TASK 12 : Dormitory 3
Objectives - After getting nabbed by Filch while weaselling around in the Belowground, Harry has to return to the Dormitory.

Entrance Hall
Start getting back to the Common Room through the stairs (the Portrait Room is out of bounds for now).

Floor 2
Halfway up, Harry will hear something and enter Moaning Myrtle's bathroom to investigate.

Moaning Myrtle's
He sees Mrs. Norris petrified and hung up. Then Filch comes along and goes berserk! Just then, Dumbledore, the venerable principal of Hogwarts, trundles along and gets you off. Well then, once you get back into control, smash the two pots behind Dumbledore for a Knut and Jellybean <J: 23/100>. Then head back west and along the corridor; blast the cobweb for another Jellybean <J: 24/100>. Then exit.

Floor 2
From here, enter the portrait of the blue wizard and use the Portrait Room shortcuts to return to your Common Room.

Gryffindor Common Room
In here, go back up to your dormitory and talk to Ron to complete your task.

When you wake up, go downstairs and at the study, you'll meet Oliver Wood, your Quidditch captain. He tells you to proceed to the wooded area for practice. So use the Portrait Room shortcut to go to the Entrance Hall.

Entrance Hall
Oliver will berate you for being slow (like, what?!) and go out into the Hogwarts Grounds. So exit the castle.

Hogwarts Grounds
Follow the footpath to the second portion of the Grounds. I could be lazy and simply tell you to find your way using the map (X marks the destination), but to avoid silly questions, the wooded practice area is just south of the Flying Practice 1 location.

Oliver's waiting there, and briefs you on your objective.

MAIN TASK 13 : Flying Lesson 2
Objective - Catch the Flitterby (the butterfly thingy) in at least 60 seconds.

You have to nab a single Flitterby in the area in at least 60 seconds. Oliver then throws out a challenge - beat the record time, 30 seconds. It's not too hard to beat, depending on how close the Flitterby is when the lesson begins to you. The easiest way to catch is to wait for the Flitterby to turn around and buzz in your general direction, during which you can fly at and attempt to nab it. The rings around you give you boost power which makes catching up to the Flitterby easier. My personal best is 1 second - but try it yourself.

Once you finish the challenge, Oliver rewards you with a Wizard Card and 25 House points. Remember to check at the Broom Shed to see what practice you can get.

Then Hermione comes up and tells you about your Charms lesson with Professor Flitwick. So make your way back to the castle and to Floor 2.

MAIN TASK 14 : Charms Class
Objective - Meet Hermione and go with her to Charms class held by Professor Flitwick. Complete the challenge set by Flitwick as well.

Floor 2
There, go to Flitwick's Office, the room beside the doorway leading to Floor 3.

Flitwick's Office
Follow the corridor all the way to Hermione, who will enter the classroom. Professor Flitwick will teach you what the new spell, Wingardium Leviosa, is about. He will then instruct you to collect your spellbook and take on the Leviosa Challenge! You are supposed to make it through the various rooms and reach Flitwick alive at the end, but to get a reward you'll need to collect the 25 Golden Stars scattered around as well.

Well then, go through the eastern doorways and collect your spellbook from the table. BING! You've learned Wingardium Leviosa!

  Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets

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