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(6) Enemies
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  - 8.4 Charms
  - 8.5 Locations
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Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets Walkthrough.

By Schlave

Walkthrough (10)

MAIN TASK 9 : Common Room
Objective - Ron is waiting for you in the Gryffindor Common Room. Go and see him.

Simply enter the Portrait Room from the Entrance Hall and crawl through the appropriate Portrait door. From there, finding your way to the Common Room is easy. Ron is waiting at the fireplace in the study. Talk to him; apparently there's a map of Hogwarts Castle somewhere, but he thinks that Fred and George are the only ones with a real clue to where it is.

MAIN TASK 10 : Map Hint
Objective - There's a rumor about a Hogwarts map floating around somewhere. Pay a visit to Fred and George and make your inquiries.

Exit the Common Room and make your way to the Reading Room.

Reading Room
Avoid Percy and make use of the shortcut to Fred and George's shop. Then talk to Fred (the one at the shop, remember?). He'll tell you such a map is found in the dungeons at the Entrance Hall. Problem is, you'll have to sneak past the caretaker Argus Filch AND his cat, Mrs. Norris.

MAIN TASK 11 : Hogwarts Map
Objective - The map of Hogwarts, which would suit your purposes very well, is located the the Dungeons - the "Belowground" - portion of Hogwarts. Sneak past the caretaker and his cat.

Exit the Reading Room and use the Portrait Room shortcut to get to the Entrance Hall. There, locate the open doorway to the "Belowground".

Inside, receive your Owl Post:

"Hi Harry, sometimes sneaking alone isn't enough to escape teachers and prefects. But there are alcoves you can slip into and the curtain will close behind you. Make sure all is clear before venturing out again, though! - Ron"

Beside the stand is a curtained alcove for you try out this new trick. Anyway, go forth and through the doorway.

Urk - there's Filch! He snarls to himself, not noticing you behind him - what a thicko! - then walks off. Activatee the Flipendo switch on the northern wall, then go through the portcullis that opens. Flip the lever to open another portcullis, then go back and head through that one (going any further down the original way will result in a nasty encounter with Filch).

Ignore the chest in the alcove (it contains a deadly Dungbomb) then pick your way over the Fire Jets. Set fire to the unlit Wizard Candle using Incendio to open a door, then receive another Owl Post:

"Hi Harry, over there is the Invisibility Cloak which will be made available to you on certain occasions. Wear it and you will become temporarily invisible. However, the cloak has to cover you completely, so you won't be able to jump or cast any spells. - Ron"

Grab the Invisibility Cloak beside the stand and go through the gate. With the cloak over you, Filch won't see you. Excellent - now go over and flip the lever on the wall beside him and head through the gate. Flip the lever in the following room and open the chest that drops down for a Knut. Then drag the stone block onto the switch, and head outside...oh no!!! You flicker back into visibility, so now you'll have to hug the wall and proceed east to the open portcullis. Cast a single Flipendo onto the barrel to push it onto the switch. Head through the gate which opens. In the next room, wait until the Wallfires' flame dies down before pushing the two stone blocks onto the two switches on each side of the room to be able to proceed.

Head through the gate that opens, then blow away the Fire Crab for a Cauldron Cake. A gate will also be opened; go through it. The next room will have Mrs. Norris the cat prowling around. Going near her will have
her yowling and bring Filch into the room! First flip the lever in the southeastern corner of the room and go through the gate which opens. Filch himself is pacing round here as well. Use the curtained alcove to let him walk past you, then get past him and flip the lever at the end. Head onwards, and again Mrs. Norris will be here. Hide in the curtained alcove and dodge her, to the lever, which you must flip to carry on. In the next room, avoid getting beaned by the Spiked Ball and use a charged Incendio to vaporise the cobweb in the northeast corner. Flip the lever to open another gate. Go through the gate, getting the Pumpkin Pasty from the chest as you go, then flip the lever to open another gate.

Go through it, activate the Restart Point and receive your Owl Post:

"Hi Harry, some of the creatures you may come across, such as the Doxies near here, will poison you if you attack, turning you all green! To counteract poison, equip your Poison Antidote phial, then 'Activate' to fill it up. Use it to get rid of the poison if you get poisoned. - Ron".

So equip your Poison Antidote phial (the fat-looking beaker) and press B at the cauldron to fill 'er up. Then exit that room and carry on until you find a Wallfire guarding a switch. Go east and flip the lever to swivel the Wallfire, then push the stone block onto the switch to continue. In the next room, you'll encounter Doxies! Equip your Flipendo if you haven't done so and blow the two Doxies to hell before they can touch and poison you! Go through the doorway that opens and go upwards. Examine the wardrobe for a Cauldron Cake. Also receive your Owl Post:

"Hi Harry, Dungbombs let you create a diversion. Trolls love the smell of these things, so think of a strategic way to use them. Remember, the bigger they are, the harder they FALL!!! - Ron"

What a shame you can't use these on teachers. Oh well...

Now go south and look, it's a Troll! Hit him three times with charged Flipendo to defeat it then grab the Cauldron Cake it drops, then head through the open doorway. In the room, push the barrel off the grate and onto the switch, then avoid the rolling barrels and head through the doorway. Drag the stone block next to the doorway onto the switch and go out into the corridor with Wallfires. First go west and blast the cobweb away with Incendio to obtain a Knut, and push the stone block all the way through the corridor onto the switch. Go through the gate that opens and grab the Hogwarts Map from the shelf! Yes, mission complete! Now shatter the glass phial for a Sickle and examine the wardrobe for a Cauldron Cake. Then get the Invisibility Cloak in the west corner.

After obtaining the map, a shortcut in a previous room will open. It shouldn't be difficult to retrace your steps and through that doorway. There, go east and past Mrs. Norris, then through the room with a cobblestoned floor. Head through the doorway and past Filch, and through the doorway behind him. From there, exit the Dungeons.

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