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(1) Updates
(2) Who am I?
(3) Controls
  - 3.1 Basic Controls
  - 3.2 Game Screen
(4) Game Basics
  - 4.1 Harry's Notebook
  - 4.2 Spells and their Effects
  - 4.3 Healing Items and Potions
  - 4.4 Potion Cauldrons
  - 4.5 Trick Items
  - 4.6 Collectibles
  - 4.7 Owl Post
(5) Walkthrough 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18
(6) Enemies
  - 6.1 Bestiary
  - 6.2 Non-Living Obstacles
(7) Money Locations (nothing yet)
  - 7.1 Knuts
  - 7.2 Sickles
(8) Wizard Cards
  - 8.1 Beast
  - 8.2 Potions
  - 8.3 Quidditch
  - 8.4 Charms
  - 8.5 Locations
(9) Jellybeans
(10) Chocolate Frogs (nothing yet)
(11) Frequently Asked Questions
(12) Credits (nothing yet)
(13) Legal Stuff

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Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets Walkthrough.

By Schlave

Game Basics

Healing Items and Potions

There are only a few things that restore Harry's stamina: Cauldron Cakes, Pumpkin Pasties and Wiggenweld Potion. In order to get potions, you need a Potion Kit, which you can get at the start of the game.

I: Food
Cauldron Cakes look like a cauldron (duh) and Pumpkin Pasties are little orange goodies. They both restore only one zap of stamina.

II: Wiggenweld Potion
Wiggenweld Potion is blue in colour and stored in the long, thin Wiggenweld phial. A phial-full of potion is single-use, but if the phial is empty, you can refill it at a potion-filled cauldron (more on this later). It restores 3 zaps of stamina, and if you don't need it you can simply keep it aside for emergency purposes.

III: Poison Antidote Potion
Poison Antidote Potions are green in colour and stored in round, fat flasks. Once again, a flask full of potion is single-use, but if the phial is empty, you can refill it at a potion-filled cauldron. If Harry is poisoned (either by Doxies or Basilisk Lair Snakes), he turns green and his stamina starts draining for as long as the poison lasts. Cure this ailment by taking Poison Antidote potion. It won't heal you, but at least it will stop up a drain on stamina.

IV: Girding Potion
Girding Potions are yellow potions and you can get 5 of them if you collect all 5 'Potions' Wizard Cards. Girding Potion makes you temporarily invincible for 20 seconds. Falling into the void will, of course, render Girding Potion useless. And for obvious reasons, there are no Girding refill cauldrons. Once again, a flask full of potion is single-use.

Potion Cauldrons

Potion Cauldrons - you know how they look like. Large, black cauldrons full of simmering potion. Use them to fill up your respective potion beakers. All you need is an empty potion container, and a filled Potion Cauldron. Simply stand next to it and press B to top 'er up. There are only Wiggenweld (blue) and Poison Antidote (green) potion cauldrons.

  Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets

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