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1) Intro
2) Controls
3) Walkthrough

A) Amateur Mode
    I. Cloud 9
    II. Local Park
    III. Warehouse
B) Pro Mode
    I. Cloud 9
    II. Local Park
    III. Warehouse
    IV. High School
    V. Titanic
C) Hardcore Mode
    I. Cloud 9
    II. Local Park
    III. Warehouse
    IV. High School
    V. Titanic
    VI. Car Park
    VII. Hidden Level - Big Air
4) Credits
5) Copyrights

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Dave Mirra Freestyle BMX 2 FAQ/Walkthrough.

By: Mike Compton

3) Walkthrough

B) Pro Mode

IV. High School

*High Score - 60,000*
New level, new place to trick out. The best place I found was a nice neat area with a nice long quarter pipe. At the start point, head immediately to your left, towards the stairs and head up them. Eventually, you'll reach an area with a very, very long quarter pipe. Go to town here and you'll rack up your high and pro scores here easily.

*Pro Score - 80,000*
See above statement. Just make sure you don't cut yourself too short on time to grab that last 20,000 points by doing other things in the level.

*Sick Trick - 10,000*
This is somewhat difficult, but again, stall/jumps work. Just make sure to keep your line up on the quarter pipe as straight as possible so you can easily land into a stall.

*Spray Can Challenge*
Collect all five spray cans. In no particular order, they are in the following places:

1. The first spray can is easily snagged. Head straight from the start point and when you see a kicker ramp in front of a bus, use it to jump on top of the bus. Jump from the top of the bus off the back and grab the spray can on your way down.

2. The second spray can is also easily gotten. From the buses, head up the stairs and you'll see a little concrete bump, just like the one in the local park level that was brown. This one'll be gray, though. Anyway, the spray can will be at the end of a rail. It's easier just to jump up and grab it.

3. The third spray can is on top of the bus that's sitting in the middle of the intersection by where the quarter pipes and 'B' gaps are. It's got three ramps on it: one at the grill and two quarter pipes on the sides. All you have to do is get on top of the bus and grab the third spray can.

4. The fourth spray can is over the quarter pipe you tricked out on to get your high/pro/sick trick scores. Just jump up and get it.

5. The final spray can is above a quarter pipe behind the 'B' averages. Just head down the stairs next to the 'B' average quarter pipes, and you'll run into a quarter pipe that's on the edge of the level. Go up it and jump to grab the final spray can.

*M-I-R-R-A Challenge*
Collect all the letters to spell out MIRRA. In order of being spelled, they are in the following places:

Found near the beginning of the level. Turn slightly and grind the rail down towards the buses. You'll see the M floating above a gap in the rail; jump and grab it.

The I is found on the walk way that's towards the back and left side of the level. Head left from the buses, go all the way to the wall. Turn left from there and then down the walk way. You'll reach a turn that goes right, follow it. You'll go over a triangular ramp and then up a quarter pipe, where the I is. Jump and grab it.

The first R is found above the middle quarter pipe of the 'B' Averages. Just go up the quarter pipe and jump to grab it.

The second R isn't far from where you found the I. Take the same steps to get to the I, but instead of going past the triangular ramp in the path, stop. You'll see the R floating in the middle of the air, jump for it.

To get the A, go back up to the path where the I is. On the path way in the opposite direction of the I are two kicker ramps with the A in the air between them. Jump from one to the other and snag it on your way.

*Superstar Challenge*
To grab the star, jump from the kicker ramp that's farthest away from the I on the pathway. Jump up and grind in mid air on a rail. If you have good speed, you'll grind it quickly. When you hit the end, jump off and you'll grab the star on the way down.

*Score 2 Touchdowns*
The first time I did this objective, it seemed really easy, but when I sat down to do it to write this FAQ, it took me three restarts. In any case, the touchdowns are found behind the 'B' Averages quarter pipes in the form of two small platforms with two ramps on each. All you have to do is jump from one ramp on one side of the platform to the other ramp on the same platform. Easy enough, eh? It's not. Because of the size of the platform, the only way I could find to do it was like this: go fairly slow at an angle towards a ramp and jump at the edge of the level. Hit the wall and basically let it drop you down. If you do it right, the wall will act like a foil and prevent you from over jumping. Do it once for each platform and you're done.

*Hall Pass Transfer*
This took a while to figure out, but thanks to the Dave Mirra 2 GBA board on GameFAQs, I figured out how. It's easy: all you have to do is go up the middle quarter pipe of the 'B' Averages quarter pipes and transfer onto the ramp behind it. Easy.

*Get All 'B' Averages*
The objective that seems to give everyone fits. The 'B' Average quarter pipes are three quarter pipes side by side with gaps in- between. They're right next to the area you tricked out on earlier. To complete the first two 'B' Averages, just transfer from each gap in- between the quarter pipes. The third one is kind of strange. Start on one end and grind down to the other; for whatever reason, when you grind across all of them successively, you get the third 'B' Average. I think the actual final 'B' Average might be transferring from the first quarter pipe to the third or vice versa. I'm not sure, though. But forget about the planters in the level that say Grade 'B' Average; they have nothing to do with the objective.

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