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1) Intro
2) Controls
3) Walkthrough

A) Amateur Mode
    I. Cloud 9
    II. Local Park
    III. Warehouse
B) Pro Mode
    I. Cloud 9
    II. Local Park
    III. Warehouse
    IV. High School
    V. Titanic
C) Hardcore Mode
    I. Cloud 9
    II. Local Park
    III. Warehouse
    IV. High School
    V. Titanic
    VI. Car Park
    VII. Hidden Level - Big Air
4) Credits
5) Copyrights

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Dave Mirra Freestyle BMX 2 FAQ/Walkthrough.

By: Mike Compton

3) Walkthrough

A) Amateur Mode

I. Cloud 9

*High Score - 10,000*
This is easy. Head to the nearest available ramp (I use the one located to the immediate left of the start point) and just start tricking out. Bunny hopping and then pushing Up + R does a front flip that's worth 1,500 points; Down + R does a back flip worth an even 1,000. Those two tricks linked to my random button mashing to perform various tricks manage to rack up huge points. For even higher scores, hold the grind button (A for me) on your way down. If you stall, jump and stall again. Use this to jack your multiplier through the roof, but watch your balance.

*Pro Score - 20,000*
Same as above, still pretty easy. Use the ramps to get good air and then use the stall and jump combination to rack up the points. Don't get too fancy at this point, though. Your stats won't be high enough to allow for it and you'll end up eating it if you're not careful. *Sick Trick - 2,000* Sick trick challenges mean racking up a certain number of points in one trick string. This might be challenging except that the combination of the stall/jump multiplier on almost any ramp means you can get all three of the point challenges knocked out your first try around if you're careful.

*Spray Can Challenge*
Collect all five spray cans. In no particular order, they are in the following places:
1. Immediately to your right of the start point, in the center of the bowl. Go down into the bowl and grab it. (To get out of the bowl, head for one of the edges and hold Up as you jump out; this little technique will be necessary to complete later challenges.)
2. Immediately behind the start point, between the two quarter pipes which make up the entrance gap. Transfer (jump from one to the other using the ramps) from one to the other to grab it.
3. Head down the Roll-In immediately in front of you and head right; there's another spray can on top of a little platform with two ramps on the side. Ride up one of these ramps and snag it.
4. From the start point, head back down to where the third spray can is and you'll see several bars in a line to grind on. This is the Cloud 9 line and the fourth spray can is in-between the second and third bars, relative to the bowl near the start position.
5. The final spray can is at the very end of the Cloud 9 Line. Jump up and grab it to complete the challenge.

*M-I-R-R-A Challenge*
Collect all the letters to spell out MIRRA. In order of being spelled, they are in the following places:

Relative to the start position, head straight ahead until you see two triangular ramps, one next to the other. At the open end of the second ramp, you'll find the M hovering in the air. Jump up and grab it.

From the start, head down and then head left immediately at the bottom of the Roll-in. Go up and jump the ramp at the very end, near the wall and you'll grab the I. Alternately, head left immediately and you can jump up and grab it from the top.

Head along the left side of the level, up the little ramp and on to the platform. Follow the platform all the way down until you see the first R. Jump from the platform and snag it in midair.

The second R is towards the front side of the level. Go forward until you see a flat platform jutting out of that side of the level; it'll have a quarter pipe on one side with a roll-in at the end. The second R is at the top of the roll-in, ride up and get it.

The A is on the right side of the level, near the Cloud 9 line. There'll be two quarter pipes back to back, separated by a platform in the middle. The A will be hovering over one of the quarter pipes; jump up and grab it to complete the objective.

*Superstar Challenge*
This is probably the hardest challenge in the level. Go down into the bowl to the right of the start position and start going up and down the sides, jumping at the top to grab air and speed. The star is toward the back of the bowl, near the back-left corner. You need a lot of air and a lot of speed to get it since it's extremely high up (22 feet, I believe). Pick a bike with good air/hang time/speed and use your stat point improvements if you need to. Alternately, you can turn around, jump the quarter pipe to the left, behind the start position, grind the line above the pipe and jump when you reach the star. Either way works.

*Grind the Cloud 9 Line*
The Cloud 9 line is the series of rails in a line that have breaks in- between them. You don't have to grind them all successively; all you need to do is grind them all. Take your time and you can do it easily; grind them all in a row and trick out and you can make some awesome points here.

*Grind the Bend*
The Bend is the rail next to the Cloud 9 line that has a curve in it. Funny part? You don't even have to really grind it. Grind it or stall on it and you'll easily complete this objective.

*Jump the Entrance Gap*
The Entrance Gap is the gap between the two quarter pipes behind the start point. Transfer from one to the other to complete the final objective and get 100% of the objectives for Cloud 9.

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