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1) Intro
2) Controls
3) Walkthrough

A) Amateur Mode
    I. Cloud 9
    II. Local Park
    III. Warehouse
B) Pro Mode
    I. Cloud 9
    II. Local Park
    III. Warehouse
    IV. High School
    V. Titanic
C) Hardcore Mode
    I. Cloud 9
    II. Local Park
    III. Warehouse
    IV. High School
    V. Titanic
    VI. Car Park
    VII. Hidden Level - Big Air
4) Credits
5) Copyrights

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Dave Mirra Freestyle BMX 2 FAQ/Walkthrough.

By: Mike Compton

3) Walkthrough

C) Hardcore Mode

VI. Car Park

*High Score - 130,000*
This level is simply huge. Fortunately, you don't have to go looking for a good place to trick out; the first area you're in is a bowl! Use the bowl to trick out and stall/jump your way to your High, Pro, and Sick Trick scores.

*Pro Score - 170,000*
See above. Just keep an eye on your time limit; three minutes goes by fast if you continually bail.

*Sick Trick - 16,000*
Easy. Get a 2,000 or 3,000 point trick string and then stall/jump your way to victory. Or go all out and get it without stall/jumping.

*Spray Can Challenge*
Collect all five spray cans. In no particular order, they are in the following places:

1. The first spray can is in the G Area, on the little jutting platform that separates the two half-bowls. Just jump up and grab it.

2. The second spray can is in the 1 Area. Head straight from the point of entry from G Area, out onto the little jutting point that goes next to a ramp that goes down. Jump off the point and grab the second spray can.

3. The third spray can is on the roof, on the first building. When you get on the roof, head left and you'll see a quarter pipe facing away from you. Go up the quarter pipe and grind the bent rail that curves around and jump to grab the third spray can.

4. The fourth spray can is on the roof as well. Head to the last building on the end and take a right. Transfer off the kicker ramp to the second building and grab the spray can on your way.

5. The final spray can looks incredibly hard to get, but actually isn't. Follow the directions for getting the Superstar Challenge. When you use the kicker ramp on that platform to transfer back, go straight down the middle of it to grab the final spray can.

*M-I-R-R-A Challenge*
Collect all the letters to spell out MIRRA. In order of being spelled, they are in the following places:

The M sits over the entrance to the rest of the level. Get up on the top of the entrance and ride over it.

The I hovers over the top right side of the level in the G Area. Get good speed and air and jump up to it using the half-bowl that's found on the right side of the level.

The first R is in Area 1, near the right bottom edge of the level. It hovers in-between two super rails that are separated by two parked cars. Transfer from one super rail to the other and snag the R as you pass by.

The second R sits in the middle of a wall in Area 1. You'll see kicker ramps immediately to your right as you come into the level. Jump the kicker ramps and grab the R as you go by.

The final A is on the roof. To get it, go to the roof and then get on the ramp platform above the entrance to the roof. Jump straight from roof to roof, then grind the rails to the next building. From there, go straight and you'll go into a bowl looking thing. You'll need some good speed to jump high to get the A.

*Superstar Challenge*
The star is much more difficult to find than it is to actually get, thank God. To get it, go to the roof. Get on top of the entrance ramp and instead of using the kicker facing you to head to the other buildings, use the kicker facing away from you to transfer to the telephone wire. Grind that and then jump. You need decent speed to make the jump, but if you do, you'll land on a platform with a quarter pipe on the back. Go up the quarter pipe, jump, and snag the star.

*Find the Crazy Transfers*
The four Crazy Transfers are somewhat difficult to find, but not at all difficult to do. The first two are found in Area G. On both sides of the level, you'll see a quarter pipe and two of the half-bowls. Transfer from the quarter pipe to the bowl on each side to get two of the Crazy Transfers. The third Crazy Transfer is found in Area 1. When you enter the area, turn right immediately and you'll see a kicker ramp. Jump from that kicker ramp to the other one on the other side of the wall to get the third Crazy Transfer. The final Crazy Transfer is in the same area. Head down to the super rails that jump the cars and transfer them. Keep grinding for speed and when you hit the end, you'll see two quarter pipes separated by what looks like lockers. Transfer from the right quarter pipe to the left one to complete the objective.

*Grind All Skyrails*
The five Skyrails are all found on the roof and are all pretty easy to grind. Use the ramp over the entrance to the roof to jump to the second building; you'll see two rails that you'll need to grind. If you continue forward from there, you'll find see a rail high on the wall. Grind that for the third rail. The final two rails are found on either side of the final building and they link back to the second building. Grind those final two to complete the objective.

*Find the Stolen Cars*
There are three stolen cars. The first one is in Area G. Grind or stall on the first orange-brown car you see that is between two ramps to get one. Go to Area 1. Find the maroon Bronco in the area where the gray VW Bug is and stall or grind on the Bronco to get the second one. The final stolen car is on the roof. When you get on the roof, head left and you'll see a green car sitting alone. Grind on that to help the police find the stolen autos.

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