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1) Intro
2) Controls
3) Walkthrough

A) Amateur Mode
    I. Cloud 9
    II. Local Park
    III. Warehouse
B) Pro Mode
    I. Cloud 9
    II. Local Park
    III. Warehouse
    IV. High School
    V. Titanic
C) Hardcore Mode
    I. Cloud 9
    II. Local Park
    III. Warehouse
    IV. High School
    V. Titanic
    VI. Car Park
    VII. Hidden Level - Big Air
4) Credits
5) Copyrights

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Dave Mirra Freestyle BMX 2 FAQ/Walkthrough.

By: Mike Compton

3) Walkthrough

B) Pro Mode

III. Warehouse

*High Score - 50,000*
You start this level in a different place, but the area to do your tricking out in is still the same. Just make sure that if you plan to use the side of the truck as a half pipe that you line up your jumps well. Well lined up jumps lead to the ability to do stall/jumps and continuing tricks as you go back and forth between the quarter pipes. Screwed up jumps lead to flying out into nowhere and eating it and wasting time.

*Pro Score - 70,000*
Same technique applies here as it does above. 70,000 points seems like a lot, but the reality of the situation is that by this point, you should have tricking down and knock out those first three point values (Sick Trick, High Score, Pro Score) your first time around.

*Sick Trick - 8,000*
Slightly harder than last time, but only by a little bit. If you can manage to get a trick string worth 2,000 points or more, stall/jumping will get you the rest easily.

*Spray Can Challenge*
Collect all five spray cans. In no particular order, they are in the following places:

1. The first spray can is on the quarter pipe opposite the truck, nearest to where the ditch in the side of the level is. Go up the quarter pipe, jump, and snag it.

2. The second spray can is on top of the box wall. Go up the right quarter pipe of the two that make up the Upper Gap and jump up to get it. A little hard because if you miss, you'll more than likely go off the wall and have to get back on it.

3. The third spray can is also on the box wall. Get on top of it and head towards the back. There'll be a ditch that's behind a boxed in quarter pipe. Jump up the quarter pipe and grab the third spray can.

4. The fourth spray can is in the second area with the trains. Next to the box jump boxes, there are two ramps that you use to jump from one to the other. Head from the second area start point to your left. As soon as you get to the ramp for the box jumps, turn, but go past it. Take the next ramp with the railing on the side and jump to the next ramp. The spray can will be there for you to ride up to and grab.

5. The final spray can is over the quarter pipe nearest to the train tunnel while still staying on the side of the tracks you started on. Jump up and grab it.

*M-I-R-R-A Challenge*
Collect all the letters to spell out MIRRA. In order of being spelled, they are in the following places:

The M is on top of the truck in the first area. Use either a quarter pipe on the side of the truck or the ramp near the truck's grill to get on the trailer and grab the M.

The I in hovering above the truck gap, in-between the box wall and the truck. Get on top of the box wall and jump off between the two quarter pipes that make up the Upper Gap to grab it. Don't use the quarter pipes, just ride between them and jump and aim to snag the I.

The first R is on top of the box wall in the first area. Get on top of the box wall, and then go to the quarter pipe that's in the indention in the wall near where you vaulted up. Jump up and grab it.

The second R is in the second area where the boxes and trains are. To get it, head left immediately from the entrance into the second area and as soon as you reach the end of the boxes and see a ramp up onto them, go up the ramp. Grind across the bars in-between the boxes and snag it on the first box you come to after grinding.

The A is on top of the train, on top of the car nearest to the tunnel. Jump off the kicker ramp and grab it as you sail by.

*Superstar Challenge*
The star in this level is pretty easy to get. In the second area, get on top of the train and head to the last car at the end, away from the tunnel. Jump off of it and snag the star as you jump.

*Transfer the Upper Gap*
To complete this objective, get on top of the box wall in the first area and transfer from one quarter pipe to the other, using the quarter pipes that are facing away from the truck. It's kind of a long gap, so be sure to have a decent amount of speed.

*Docking Maneuver*
To complete this objective, go to the second area with the train. Jump the kicker ramps on both sides of the train and land on the other side on the ground to complete this objective.

*Do the Box Jumps*
Doing the box jumps in the second area with the train is really weird, yet really easy. To do the box jumps, simply grind from box to box and go across every box that's connected by a grind rail. I don't know why it records this as box jumping because there's no jumping involved, but whatever.

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