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1) Intro
2) Controls
3) Walkthrough

A) Amateur Mode
    I. Cloud 9
    II. Local Park
    III. Warehouse
B) Pro Mode
    I. Cloud 9
    II. Local Park
    III. Warehouse
    IV. High School
    V. Titanic
C) Hardcore Mode
    I. Cloud 9
    II. Local Park
    III. Warehouse
    IV. High School
    V. Titanic
    VI. Car Park
    VII. Hidden Level - Big Air
4) Credits
5) Copyrights

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Dave Mirra Freestyle BMX 2 FAQ/Walkthrough.

By: Mike Compton

3) Walkthrough

A) Amateur Mode

II. Local Park

*High Score - 15,000*
The best place for me to trick out in the Local Park is in the courtyard. Head right from the start point, towards the back of the level and go up some steps. Head left from there and all the way to the end. Two quarter pipes face each other and give you a perfect place to trick out. Remember your front and back flips and the stall/jump technique.

*Pro Score - 25,000*
Just follow the above advice and trick out at the same location. 25,000 points is just as easy as 15,000, it just might take you a little bit longer.

*Sick Trick - 4,000*
You can use the same technique of stalling and jumping, or you can use the quarter pipes to come up with some nasty trick combinations with some awesome air. Your choice.

*Spray Can Challenge*
Collect all five spray cans. In no particular order, they are in the following places:

1. From the trick out area in the court yard, you'll see a spray can floating in-between two quarter pipes. Transfer between them and grab it.

2. Ride straight from the start point and when you hit the raised platform with four ramps, jump up and grab another spray can.

3. To the left of the second spray can is a ramp, between the ramp and the wall is the third spray can. Jump up and grab it.

4. The fourth spray can is near the empty pool; take the stairs down and go up the quarter pipe that's against the edge of the level to collect the fourth spray can.

5. The final spray can is at the top of the hill, on the front side.Get on the little outcropping wall and ride up to it and jump to grab it.

*M-I-R-R-A Challenge*
Collect all the letters to spell out MIRRA. In order of being spelled, they are in the following places:

Head to the immediate left of the start, head up the quarter pipe that's against the edge of the level and jump up to grab the M.

The I is to the immediate right of the start; jump the little triangular ramp and grab it.

The first R is in the courtyard area; it's above the quarter pipe to the right of the one you used to trick out on. Ride it up and jump to grab it.

The second R is at the top of the hill, above the quarter pipe that lines the edge of the level on that side, to the far right. You'll see the shadow as you ride by if you look; go up the quarter pipe and jump up to grab it

The A is above the fountain. Easy enough. Head straight from the start point, going up the hill. When you see the fountain, you'll see the A. Jump to get it.

*Superstar Challenge*
The Superstar challenge looks difficult because the shadow tricks you into believing the star is in one place and you need to jump off the pool when all you have to do is ride up the side, jump off and grab it. If you didn't notice from my wording, the star is in the pool.

*Grind the Fountain Rails*
Another easy grind objective. From the start to the fountain, grind every rail. Grind them all and you complete the objective. There should be four rails and you actually need to grind the majority of the rail to get credit for them. Not hard at all.

*2 Courtyard Transfers*
In the courtyard, transfer twice: once between each of the four quarter pipes at the end of the courtyard area. So transfer from the two quarter pipes you tricked out on to the quarter pipe next to each side. It's easier to do than to explain. Just transfer the two end gaps in the courtyard and you'll see what I mean.

*Lifeguard Jump*
This is the joke objective for the level. Jump from the kicker ramp on the grass, near the wall that's near the pool and jump into the pool. That simple. Completing this final objective also nets you the points for 100% completion if you've completed everything else.

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