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1.) FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions
2.) How to Play

- Basic Button Commands
- Features
- Skill Guide
3.) Magic System
- Magic Mechanics
- Cleric Spell Listing     L0   L1,   L2,   L3,   L4,   L5
- Wizard Spell Listing  L0L1,   L2,    L3L4,   L5
4.) Combat Strategies
5.) Building an Effective Party   1,   2,   3 
6.) The Walkthrough (in construction)
Levels: 12345,   6,   7,   8,  910
7.) Credits, Thanks, Etc....

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Dungeon's and Dragons: Eye of the Beholder FAQ / Walkthrough.

Created by: Zephyrmaster (Andrew Sherman)

4.) Combat Strategies/Tips

In combat, each character can do two actions. The action can be moving, attacking, or casting a spell. You can only attack or cast a spell one per round (unless you have a skill that allows you to have multiple attacks).

Basic Tips:
- Don't use ranged attacks or cast spells iif your character is within striking distance of an enemy because that enemy will get an attack of opportunity.
- Flank your enemies. If one of your characcters is on the opposite side of an enemy as a rogue, the rogue will have a substantially higher change of hitting the enemy.
- Don't move too many times w/in striking ddistance of an enemy because they may get free attacks of opportunity.
- If a character is knocked down, use a Cleeric to heal him/her and continue fighting the battle.
- Rest often between battles so your characcters can heal and so that your wizards can memorize their spells.
- Try to make every character useful. Even if your wizard runs out of spells, try to launch ranged attacks with him/her, you may get a lucky hit.
- Weapons with a +1, +2, or +3 are much bettter than their normal counterparts.
- Position your fighters so that they recieeve free attacks of opportunity. For instance, if you can, move a fighter near a ranged attacking enemy, so that when the enemy is about to attack you get a free hit.

5.) Building an Effective Party

Even though you can beat the game with the standard chracters and by picking up various characters along the way, I would recommend creating your own party.

Building a good party:

*NOTE: This is just my idea of an ideal party. Obviously you could beat the game with a different party, multi-classing characters, etc... I would recommend experimenting for extra replay after intially beating the game.

You can have up to six adventurers, even though you can only start off with four (you can add more early in the game on the first level). I would recommend creating all six of the adventurers. Here is an ideal lineup:

2 Fighters
1 Cleric
1 Rogue
1 Rogue/Wizard (Lean toward Wizard)
1 Wizard

The reason for this lineup is because most corriders are only 2 spaces wide, so using more than 2 fighters isn't wise. Clerics are essential for their turning and healing abilities. Wizards are very nice for their ability to hit from a distance. Rogues are useful for their skills and ranged attacks.

Making the characters:

Best races: Half-Orcs , Shield Dwarves, and Humans
Important Statistics: Strength, Constitution, Dexterity

Best races: Human
Important Statistics: Wisdom (You MUST have over 13), Charisma

Best races: Lightfoot Halflings, Human, Moon Elves
Important Statistics: Dexterity, Constitution

Best races: Human, Moon Elves, Lightfoot Halflings
Important Statistics: Intelligence (13+!), Dexterity

  Dungeon's and Dragons:
  Eye of the Beholder

Eye of the Beholder gba

Dungeon's and Dragons

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