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1.) FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions
2.) How to Play

- Basic Button Commands
- Features
- Skill Guide
3.) Magic System
- Magic Mechanics
- Cleric Spell Listing     L0   L1,   L2,   L3,   L4,   L5
- Wizard Spell Listing  L0L1,   L2,    L3L4,   L5
4.) Combat Strategies
5.) Building an Effective Party   1,   2,   3 
6.) The Walkthrough (in construction)
Levels: 12345,   6,   7,   8,  910
7.) Credits, Thanks, Etc....

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Dungeon's and Dragons: Eye of the Beholder FAQ / Walkthrough.

Created by: Zephyrmaster (Andrew Sherman)


Dungeons and Dragons: Eye of the Beholder for the Gameboy Advance system is a port from the SNES version of the same game released many years eariler. Though not that well recieved by the general public, Eye of the Beholder is an extremely fun "hardcore" role- playing game. The GBA version is slightly easier than the SNES version because of the addition of feats and the use of 3rd edition Dungeons and Dragons rules.


v.1.11 (09/05/03)
- Fixed various errors
v.1.10 (07/22/03)
- More FAQ's included
- More information
- New skill guide
- New submitted information
v.1.00 (03/29/03)
- Walkthroughs finished
v.70 - FAQ released

1.) FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I equip items?
A: Press B to access the menus, go to items, and then go to equip items.

Q: How do I change my memorized spells?
A: Press B, Press R until you reach the character whose spells you would like to change, select rest, and then select Prepare Spells.

Q: Arrgh! I can't hurt Albrik! My fighters keep hitting for no damage! Why?
A: Use weapons with a '+1' or '+2' modifier. By the time you reach Albrik, you should have found a Light Mace +1, a Dagger +1, and a Longsword +1.

Q: I can't rest without getting into a confontation with enemies. What are some tips when resting?
A: When resting, it's best to rest with your party's back against a wall (so no enemies can sneak behind you), and preferably you should rest at the end of a dead end corridor.

Q: How do I revive a dead character?
A: To revive a dead character, you need to reach a Healer. Healers are located where you can buy and sell things. In order to revive a character, you need to talk to the healer with a person capable of doing so, and then you have to press R (or L) until you reach the character that need reviving.

Q: Dang, I don't have enough gold, any tips?
A: If you have a character with the Appraise skill, you can save and gain quite a bit a gold. For instance, a person with a level 9 Appraise skill can buy a Ring of Protection +1 for only 1600, a 800 gold savings. Note, when using a character with appraise, talk to the shopkeeper until the skill goes into effect.

Q: How do you get fifth level spells aside from buying 2 of them as scrolls?
A: (Correction) I don't think it's possible to gain any fifth level spells, unfortunately. According too one email, you can "level" past 7, though that is very doubtful in my opinion.

Q: What's the highest level characters can go?
A: All characters can gain 7 levels.

Q: Can you multiclass?
A: Yes, but I don't recommend it because each character can only gain 7 levels. A character that's a level 3 Rogue and a level 4 Wizard is MUCH worse than characters devoted to a certain type.

Q: Whoa! My CON went up to 250! Wow! How'd that happen?
A: It's a glitch in the game. If stats are brought down low enough, they cycle back up to enormous amounts. Note that this can cause undesired effects (negative hp, invunerability, etc...)

Q: How do I save?
A: The game automatically saves when you successfully rest.

Q: Are you going to make a creature guide?
A: Probably not. Maybe. (Addition: No, it would be very time consuming and not very helpful).

Q: Where can I get more help?
A: The messageboards or my email address.

  Dungeon's and Dragons:
  Eye of the Beholder

Eye of the Beholder gba

Dungeon's and Dragons

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