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1.) FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions
2.) How to Play

- Basic Button Commands
- Features
- Skill Guide
3.) Magic System
- Magic Mechanics
- Cleric Spell Listing     L0   L1,   L2,   L3,   L4,   L5
- Wizard Spell Listing  L0L1,   L2,    L3L4,   L5
4.) Combat Strategies
5.) Building an Effective Party   1,   2,   3 
6.) The Walkthrough (in construction)
Levels: 12345,   6,   7,   8,  910
7.) Credits, Thanks, Etc....

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Dungeon's and Dragons: Eye of the Beholder FAQ / Walkthrough.

Created by: Zephyrmaster (Andrew Sherman)

3.) Magic System

Cleric Spells
Level 4 Spells:

Cure Critical Wounds
Range: Touch
Duration: Action
Description: Cures 4-32 damage (+1 for every level)
Overview: A superb healing spell. With any luck, you could fully heal any of your characters in one or two castings of this spell.

Divine Power
Range: Touch
Duration: Round
Description: Target gains attack bonus of fighter and 1HP per lvl.
Overview: Nice spell, but not as good as some of the other level 4 spells.

Inflict Critical Wounds
Range: Touch
Duration: Action
Description: Causes 4-31 damage (+1 for every level)
Overview: This spell can do massive damage, but it is limited by it's small range. You have to actually be touching your opponent before you can cast this spell. Choose the healing spell instead.

Neutralize Poison
Range: Touch
Duration: Action
Description: Detoxify poison effects
Overview: Useful, especially if you know you are going to face some enemies with poison attacks/spells.

Range: Touch
Duration: Action
Description: Poisons target, causing 1-10 Constitution damage
Overview: Good spell with good damage, but it's main weakness is its range. Be careful if you use this spell, you don't want your cleric dead!

Range: Touch
Duration: Action
Description: Restores drained levels
Overview: Useful if your levels have been drained ;).

Cleric Spells
Level 5 Spells:

Circle of Doom
Range: Close
Duration: Action
Description: 2-57 damage in all directions
Overview: This spell is very potent, but the problem is that it can hurt your teammates. Use with caution.

Flame Strike
Range: Medium
Duration: Action
Description: Smites foes with a divine fire (1-42 damage)
Overview: Very nice damage spell. One of the Cleric's few spells with a longer range. The damage of this spell is potentially huge!

  Dungeon's and Dragons:
  Eye of the Beholder

Eye of the Beholder gba

Dungeon's and Dragons

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