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1. What's New
2. Story
3. Items
4. Costumes
5. Enemies
6. Walkthrough by Stages 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6

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The Magical Quest Starring Mickey and Minnie FAQ/Walkthrough

ByJustin Ridenour aka Rolent

6. Walkthrough

Stage 5: Snowy Valley

5-1: Get the fire hydrant and change into your firefighter costume. There are pink flowers in this level that will bounce you away from them if you run into them, so watch out. Fight off the furballs until you see a couple green gems. Spray your hose at them to make an ice platform. Make one and jump up to the higher platforms. Open the Golden Box to get some coins. Now drop back down and climb up the platforms to your right. At the top is a fire hydrant. Go right and you will see a bunch of gems. Take care of the furballs and if you have some skill, use the gems to climb up to a Golden Box with a 1-up inside. You will see a leaf. If you jump in it will slide across the snow. Instead, use the gem to make a platform and open the Golden Box to get some grapes. Deal with the furballs and keep heading to the right. Watch out for the pink flowers and continue on. Jump into the leaf and jump out when it hits the flower. Now go to the bottom and keep running to the right jumping from platform to platform. You should reach the end shortly.

5-2: You will need to run as fast as you can from the start and jump over to the leaf. Ride it and jump to the next one. When you see the flower, jump over it and then into the next leaf. When you see the platforms going up, jump out and climb up. Watch out for the pink flowers and jump into the leaf on the top. Ride it down and jump to the next one. Ride it and jump to the last one. Ride it until you see the exit cave and jump to it.

5-3: Get the fire hydrant and go to the right. It's boss time again. The boss screen is a ramp with flat ground on each side. The boss is a skating dog/walrus. The best costume to use is the turban. Fully power your shots and hit him in the head. Jump over the snowballs and try to watch where he will go so you can hit him on the head. About ten hits should do it here.

  Magical Quest : Mickey and Minnie

The Magical Quest Starring Mickey and Minnie

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