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1. What's New
2. Story
3. Items
4. Costumes
5. Enemies
6. Walkthrough by Stages 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6

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The Magical Quest Starring Mickey and Minnie FAQ/Walkthrough

ByJustin Ridenour aka Rolent

6. Walkthrough

Stage 3: Fire Grotto

Enter the cave and a ghost will appear.

Ghost: Going down!

3-1: You will be in a small elevator with spikes at the top. When it goes down, blocks will try to push you into the ceiling. Avoid them and shoot the bats that appear. The first Golden Box contains coins. After a minute, ledges appear and you need to stand over the holes. First go, right, then left, then a small hole in the middle, and when you see the blocks, quickly destroy them so you can get to the hole. Now quickly run right destroying any blocks in your way and get the magic lamps. Now you must face another boss and this one is red and shoots fireballs. When it hits the ground with its hammer, lava shoots part of the ground up and into the spikes. Try not to be on it when it does. I took him out with about five or six fully charged magic shots. Head right to leave the level.

3-2: When the level starts, you see a glass casing with a firefighter uniform inside. A block falls, busts it open, and you get your next costume. Go right and use the hose to defeat the fire enemies. When you see a very large stone block. Jump up and use your hose to shoot it off the ledge. Jump onto it and then onto the blocks. You will see stone totems moving around. Jump on the one moving up and down and then to the left to get a hydrant. Jump back on, and when it's at the top, jump to the right on the blocks. Destroy the gold blocks to find a secret room. Inside, open the Golden Box to get some coins. Exit, and destroy the fire guy that appears. Jump over to the stone totem, and then to the next area of ground. Destroy the fire guy and get the hydrant. Jump up, get the next fire guy and run to the right. When you get to a higher platform, you'll see several gray boxes. Shoot at the single one to move it, and then jump up to them. You will now see totems on fire, shoot them out and you have to quickly jump before they turn back on. In the lower left of this part of the level is a Golden Box with a 1-up inside. Now go back to the totems and spray the totem. Quickly get on it and go up to the next one. Spray it and jump up to the high platform. Walk up the slope and you will see totems moving up and down over a fire pit. Spray one and jump to the blocks. Do the same to the next one and then over to the ground. Kill the fire guy and get the fire hydrant. Now you have to deal with more totems over a fire pit. Deal with them the same way until you see one that doesn't catch on fire. Jump on it and stay on till it rises high and you see a Golden Box. Open it to get some coins and then take the totem back down. Extinguish the last totem and then jump over to the exit.

3-3: Start by heading right and when any falling blocks get in your way, spray them with water to get rid of them. At the start, spray the first block, and drop down to where you see a bunch of golden blocks. Destroy the blocks and then use you hose to shoot the bottom stone block into it. Jump up to the higher level and then walk right. When you get to a part where you see a tunnel that falls and there are blocks on the bottom, spray the block to the right, get on it, and get rid of the blocks. On the other side is a Golden Box full of coins. Jump up to the higher level and go right. You will see the fire ceiling go up and down. When it comes down, you need to get in the water and duck. Put on your turban and continue right. When you find a part of the water that goes down, you'll find a Golden Box. Open it to get another Heart Container. Go back up and finish going to the right. Totems will catch on fire because of the ceiling, so avoid them. At the end is a bunch of gray blocks and a fire hydrant. Fire at the blocks to move them. You will see a Golden Box. Open it to get a 1-up and then fall down and left to get another hydrant. Shoot the blocks to the left and jump back up. Blow away some blocks to the right and jump to the ground. Jump over the little volcanoes and watch out for the fire bats that appear out of thin air. Jump over the fire pit to the right and walk to the exit.

3-4: Walk to the right and jump on the platform. It will move to the right and stop at a bunch of other platforms. See that big face in the middle? It's boss time again. The platforms will rotate around the face while it shoots fire at the platforms. Keep a steady stream of water on the face. Shoot it enough and it will change colors and the platforms will move faster and in a reverse direction. Keep shooting at it and the fire it shoots at you and it should change one more time. Keep it up and the face will go down. Also, shoot some of the platforms on fire and hydrants will appear.

  Magical Quest : Mickey and Minnie

The Magical Quest Starring Mickey and Minnie

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