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1. What's New
2. Story
3. Items
4. Costumes
5. Enemies
6. Walkthrough by Stages 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6

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The Magical Quest Starring Mickey and Minnie FAQ/Walkthrough

ByJustin Ridenour aka Rolent

5. Enemies

Level 1: Treetops
Bug: Jumps and flies at you when you get close. Jump on it and throw it away.

Guard: Tries to charge at you. Jump on it's head and toss it away.
Bee: Flies in circles trying to sting you.

Frog: Jumps out of the water trying to get you. When you get past one it tries to follow. Just jump on its head.

Beaver: Swims around trying to attack you.

Starfish: Calm at first but follows you around when you get close.

Level 2: Dark Forest
Plant: Drops spikes on you.

Leaf: Walks around trying to hit you. Just jump on it and get rid of it.

Worm: Hangs from trees on a string and rises up and down. Use magic shots and blocks to destroy them.

Crab: Swims around in the tree. Use magic to kill them.

Green Worms: Swim in and out of holes in the tree.

Level 3: Fire Grotto

Fire Bat: Flies around, use hose to defeat.

Fire Guy: Walks around and disappears, use hose.

Level 4: Pete's Peaks

Egg: Hatches when you get close and runs at you.

Guard: Same as before, but now has a shield. Use your hook to take it from him.

Bee: Attempts to dive at you. Jump on its head.

Level 5: Snowy Valley

Furball: Pops out of the snow and runs at you. As usual, jump on it.

Level 6: Pete's Castle

Fish: Jumps out of the water to bite you. If it gets a hold of you, it's instant death.

Arrow Guard: Shoots arrows at you. Dodge them and hop on his head a few times.

Helmet Head: Flies around and is hard to get rid of.

Torch: Comes alive and tries to dive at you. Extinguish with the hose.

Cannon Guard: Fires a cannon at you. Dodge the cannonball and jump on him.

  Magical Quest : Mickey and Minnie

The Magical Quest Starring Mickey and Minnie

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