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1. What's New
2. Story
3. Items
4. Costumes
5. Enemies
6. Walkthrough by Stages 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6

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The Magical Quest Starring Mickey and Minnie FAQ/Walkthrough

ByJustin Ridenour aka Rolent

6. Walkthrough

Stage 1: Treetops

1-1: Walk to the right and grab the first tomato. Use it to fly up to the higher platform. On it you will find a bird. Go all the way to the right and drop. Take care of the bug and open the door to the house. Walk to the right and a wizard will appear.

Mickey: Hi ya! I'm lookin' for my dog, Pluto. Have you seen him?

Wizard: Yes. Your dog was captured by the evil ruler of this world, Emperor Pete. He will never give him back to you.

Mickey: Emperor Pete!?

Wizard: He will put an evil spell on Pluto as he does all his prisoners. I warn you, his powerful magic has never been defeated. Do not attempt to rescue your dog. Save yourself.

Mickey: No!! Pluto's my pal. I won't give up. Can you tell me where I can find this Emperor Pete?

Wizard: If you insist on going, follow the emperor's statues one after another. These will lead you to his castle.

Mickey: Gosh, thanks! So long!

Wizard: I will scatter magical boxes throughout the land. They will help you whenever you find trouble along your journey. Good luck, and beware the Emperor's magic.

The wizard disappears allowing you to continue on. Exit the house and you will see magic blocks fall from the sky. Hop up and climb up to the top of the house. Walk to the left and destroy the magic blocks to find a secret door. Enter it and you will find two birds and a Golden Box. Open the box to find a bunch of apples. Exit through the door to the right and you will reappear in the house. Exit again and head to the right. Take care of the guard and grab a tomato. Fly up to the high platform and get rid of the bug. Jump up to the Golden Box and open it to get a bunch of coins. Drop back down and grab another tomato. Use it to fly higher and drop onto a cloud. Jump across all of the clouds to find a platform with a Golden Box above. Jump and open it to get coins. Now jump across the rest of the clouds. When you reach the last one, just let it disappear and fall straight down. You'll fall to the right of a spiky vine. Now jump across the clouds to your left and grab a tomato. Go left a little and then head back right so the clouds are regenerated. Jump back across. When you're back where you fell, walk right and use the tomato to fly to the higher platform. Open the Golden Box to get a Heart Container. Walk to the right and at the end of the vine, fall straight down to land on some blocks. Below you is a long spiky vine, so jump across the clouds and blocks to the right. Jump over the pit and go right to finish this part of the level.

1-2: Jump across the blocks at the beginning and then onto the top of the Golden Box. Fall down and grab the ring to get some coins. Run down the hill to find a very large tomato. Jump on it and it will start to roll. This part isn't too hard. You can jump from the tomatoes onto boxes to take a high road. Try not to fall off onto the spikes. When you reach the third tomato, try to stay on it. When it flies through the air, jump to the single block. Jump up to the top of the trees and you find that you can walk on the treetops. Walk to the right watching out for the bugs and open the Golden Box to get some apples. Keep walking to the right and you'll see a bunch of boxes. Destroy them to find a door that leads to the store. The only thing available to me was the Extra Hearts. When you exit, you'll appear right to the left of the boss.

Boss: I don't know what to call this thing. It's looks like a dog, but has bat wings and is wearing suspenders. I don't know what they were thinking. This fight is a joke. First, he will fly around the screen. Hop on his head when he's low enough. When he hangs upside down and drops bats, stomp on one and throw it back at him. I killed him in five hits, three hops and two bats. Walk to the right and into the cave that looks like Pete.

1-3: Start by hopping on the blocks across the water. Be careful if you fall in because if you are in for too long, you drown. In the next little puddle are two blocks with a Golden Box overhead. Jump on a block and open it to get a bunch of apples. On the other side is a bee. Just jump on it and continue. Next are six frogs with a couple blocks in the middle. Jump across them and you will come to a Golden Box. Open it to get a bunch of hearts. Continue on and you will see a beaver swimming around below. Jump across the logs onto the dam. Continue jumping across the logs trying not to fall when they roll. When you reach the other side, there are a block and two stars in the water. The stars are starfish and try to attack when you enter the water. Just jump on the block and avoid them. There are three starfish in the next little lake of water. Just quickly jump across. To the right is a deep lake with a block over it. Jump on the block and avoid the bug. Jump down and further right is a guard and a bunch of blocks. Deal with the guard and the exit cave is to the right.

1-4: You will now have to fight a snake boss. Each time you hit it, part of its tail comes off and you can use it as a weapon. There are two replenishing blocks on each side. Quickly nail him in the head with a block and he will get angry and fly at you. Try to jump on his head when he does. Keep it up and he will start hopping around after five hits. Dodge him and hit him two more times to score a victory.

  Magical Quest : Mickey and Minnie

The Magical Quest Starring Mickey and Minnie

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