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Mortal Kombat Deadly Alliance FAQ/Walkthrough

By Greg Daily, AKA, Bloodspoor

5. Characters (7)

Li Mei:
A native of Outworld, Li Mei has entered the Deadly Alliance tournament to win back the freedom of her people.

Fighting styles: Baji Quan & Liu He Bafa
Weapon: Sai
Alignment: Good

Baji Quan Moves:
Underhand Slap 1
Overhand Slap b+1
Elbow f+1
Low Strike d+1
Sidestep Backhand u+1
Step Backhand 2
Chambered Kick b+2
Lunge Palm f+2
Low Front Kick d+2
Sidestep Jab u+2
String 1 f+1,1,3
String 2 u+2,2,1
String 3 u+2,f+1,1,3

Liu He Bafa Moves:
Double Palms 1_u+1
Step Palms b+1
Low Slap f+1_b+2_u+2 TP
Low Palm d+1
Step Knee 2
Cross Low Kick f+2_d+2

Universal Moves:
Low Stab d,b+2
Sai Uppercut d,u+1 JG
Piston Punch b,f+1
Spinning Sai d,b+1

Heart Attack Kick d,u+2

Li Mei had been promised that her people would be freed from enslavement if she could win the tournament held by the Deadly Alliance. Now that she had emerged victorious, the true purpose behind the tournament was finally revealed to her. Her soul would be the last one Shang Tsung needed to completely revive the Dragon King's lost army. Her people would never be freed and Li Mei herself would remain trapped inside the mummified remains of a dead soldier...cursed to serve the Deadly Alliance... Forever

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