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Mortal Kombat Deadly Alliance FAQ/Walkthrough

By Greg Daily, AKA, Bloodspoor

5. Characters (12)

Sub-Zero has become the Grand Master of the newly reformed Lin Kuei clan.

Fighting styles: Shotokan & Dragon
Weapon: Kori Blade
Alignment: Good

Shotokan Moves:
Overhand Chop 1
Quick Uppercut b+1
Downward Punch f+1
Sack Tap d+1
High Punch u+1
High Front Kick 2 JG
Hook Kick b+2
Roundhouse f+2
Low Sweep d+2 SP
Hop Kick u+2 JG
String 1 1,1,b+2 JG
String 2 2,f+2 JG

Dragon Moves:
Advancing Jab 1
Step Back Dragons b+1 KD
Face Rake f+1
Toe Punch d+1
High Backhand u+1
Hook Kick 2
Back Turn Side Kick b+2
Leg Check f+2 TP
Knee Punch d+2
Shoulder Kick u+2
String 1a 1,f+1,b+1 KD
String 1b 1,f+1,2

Universal Moves:
Shoulder Slice u,d+2 *1
Kori Uppercut d,f+2
Freeze d,f+1
Cold Emit d,b+1
Kori Combo b,f+1

Spinal Tap u,u,d+2

*1 - This move has a built-in side-step and can be used to evade fireballs.

After defeating the Deadly Alliance, Sub-Zero returned to the new temple of the Lin Keui with the severely injured ninja Frost. A short time later, he was visited by the thunder god Raiden who commended him for his victory in Outworld and thanked him for all his help. With Sub-Zero now the Grand Master of the Lin Kuei, Earthrealm will be well protected.

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