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Mortal Kombat Deadly Alliance FAQ/Walkthrough

By Greg Daily, AKA, Bloodspoor

5. Characters (11)

Sonya Blade:
Special Forces Agent Sonya Blade will rescue her men from Outworld at any cost.

Fighting styles: Kenpo & Tae Kwon Do
Weapon: Kali Sticks
Alignment: Good

Kenpo Moves:
Chop 1
Overhand Chop b+1
Hard Chop f+1_u+1
Double Punch d+1
Back Kick 2
Low Sweep b+2
Really Ugly Kick f+2 JG
Ugly Kick d+2
Split Kick u+2 JG
String 1 1,2
String 2 1,1,2 JG

Tae Kwon Do Moves:
Roundhouse 1_u+1
Block Chop b+1
Twin Dragon f+1
Mid Hook Kick d+1
Axe Kick 2_f+2 TP
Leg Check b+2 TP
High Hook Kick f+2
Flip Kick d+2

Universal Moves:
Back Flip d,b+2 *1
Two Timer b,f+2 JG
Knee Bash d,f+2
Spinning Smack d,b+1
Deadly Kiss d,f+1
Spinning Twigs b,f+1

Kiss Crush b,b+1

*1 - Use this to get out of a bind.

After the destruction of the Deadly Alliance, Sonya searched for the missing Special Forces agent Kenshi. She finally discovered him badly beaten and near death apparently from hook-like wounds in his ribcage. She managed to return him to the rendezvous point where Raiden transported them back to Earthrealm. Upon her return, Sonya was promoted to General and given her choice of command. She hand-picked a team to deal with new terrorist threats located on Earth. While in outworld, Special Agent Kenshi had learned of a new threat to peace. The Red Dragon had awakened.

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