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Mortal Kombat Deadly Alliance FAQ/Walkthrough

By Greg Daily, AKA, Bloodspoor

5. Characters (1)

Please note the difference in strings and combos. Combos are inescapable while some strings aren't always that way.

Blinded by Shang Tsung's trickery, Kenshi vows to slay the sorcerer and redeem himself in the eyes of his ancestors.

Fighting styles: Tai Chi & San Shau
Weapon: Katana
Alignment: Unknown

Tai Chi Moves:
Straight Punch 1
Wild Uppercut b+1 JG
Stature Strike f+1 KD
Double Dragons d+1
Overhead Stamp u+1
Unbalanced Kick 2 *1
Spin Heel High b+2 KD
Spin Heel Mid f+2
Push Kick d+2
Leg Check u+2 TP

San Shau Moves:
Wild Hook 1
Overhand Punch b+1 TP
Knee Punch f+1
Chest Strike d+1
Big Uppercut u+1 JG
Roundhouse 2
Heel Kick b+2
High Front Kick f+2 JG
Low Kick d+2
Jump Spin Crescent u+2 TP
String 1 1,u+1 JG
String 2 1,f+2 JG
String 3 u+2,f+2 TP,JG
String 4 b+1,f+2 JG

Universal Moves:
Mind Blast d,f+2 KD
Ermac Lift d,b+2 KD
Ermac Throw d,u+2 KD
Weapon Attack 1 b,b+1
Weapon Attack 2 d,b+1
Weapon Attack 3 d,f+1

Contortionist d,u+1

*1 - This move can avoid sweeps

Kenshi had finally caught up with Shang Tsung in Outworld. Years ago, Kenshi had been manipulated into releasing the souls of his ancestors. Shand had consumed those souls and left kenshi to die in the tomb. The event left Kenshi blinded, but the sword of his ancestors led him out of the depths. To redeem himself, Kenshi had vowed to free his ancestors from their captor. He cut Shang Tsung down with the sword and a blast of souls was instantly released. The spirits of the warrior kings reentered the sword as Kenshi held it above his head. His duty fulfilled, he could now return to Earthrealm.

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