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1. Game Info
2. Characters
3. Controls
4. Zero's Equipment

a. Weapons & Skills,  b. Element Chips, c. Items
5. Missions
6. Ranking
7. Weakness Chart
8. Boss Information
9. Cyber Elves

a. Nurse Type,  b. Animal Type, c. Hacker Type
10. Endings
11. Secrets/Unlockables
12. Notes
13. Credits
14. Contact Info
15. Disclaimer

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Mega Man ZERO FAQ/Walkthrough

By Liquidcross

5. Missions

This game is a slight departure from Mega Man games in the past. Rather than choosing a boss, then going through their level, you pick and choose missions that Ciel assigns to you. Talk to her in the Data room to choose a mission (or save your game, etc). Often, you'll revisit past stages, but with different objectives.

Underground Lab (1st mission) - Rescue Ciel! A fairly straightforward stage, where you blast every enemy in sight. At the end, you'll face a Golem. Halfway through the battle, you'll get your Z-Saber, which will destroy the Golem in one hit!

Disposal Center (2nd mission) - Fight your way through crappy weather, and meet up with Aztec Falcon.

Occupy Factory - If the Resistance can take control of this factory, they'll be set on resources for a while. The Double Dragon is waiting for you at the end.

Protect Factory - The Resistance captured the factory with your help, but Neo Arcadia wants it back! As soon as you enter the level, you'll face Phantom. After defeating him, you'll bolt through the level, defusing 8 timebombs.

Stop Train - A powerful Cyber Elf was kidnapped aboard a military train, and it's your job to get it back. This mission starts in a warehouse, and ends aboard the speeding train itself. The Pantheon Core awaits at the end.

Find Shuttle - A team of Reploids crashed into the desert, and it's your job to find them. This level reminds me of Overdrive Ostrich's level from MMX2. Anyways, work your way to the left, and eventually you'll face Anubis Necromanceress the Third.

Recover Data - You'll return to the First Mission area in order to retrieve data that the Resistance had no time to recover. Maha Ganeshariff is the boss here, but once he's gone, he'll activate the self-destruct sequence, so RUN!

Rescue Colbor - Some Resistance members are stuck in a level very similar to Storm Eagle's stage in MMX. Harpuia's hanging out at the end.

Defend Resistance Base - You'll chase a Mechaniloid through the Disposal Center. Make sure you destroy it before it gets to the base! (This mission happens immediately after the "Find Shuttle" mission.)

Duel in the Desert - You'll fight your way through a battalion of the Neo Arcadia military, and meet up with Fefnir at the end.

Find the Hidden Base - Back to the desert again! This time, after you destroy one of the sand traps, you'll find a hole leading deep underground. You've got 7 Resistance soldiers to rescue, and a showdown with Blizzack Stagroff as well.

Stop the Hacking - Remember that hidden base in the desert? Get back there. You'll travel underwater, destroy a Neo Arcadia computer system, then duel with Leviathan.

Base Invasion - When you've finished all the regular missions, the Resistance Base will be overrun with Neo Arcadia Soldiers. Head to the Energy room and destroy Hanumachine.

Neo Arcadia Shrine - The first line of defense. Work your way through this ancient-looking temple, and fight off

Neo Arcadia Tower - This level's a real pain in the ass. There's spikes EVERYWHERE. Be patient, and stay on the conveyor platforms, and you should be okay. The Rainbow Devil awaits at the top.

Neo Arcadia Core - Almost there! The level itself is easy, full of X-Drones that you can waste for powerups. Halfway through, you'll go through 4 doors that lead to Anubis, Maha, Hanumachine, and Blizzack. Later, you'll go through 4 doors again, facing off against X's four Generals. Finally, you meet up with X himself...

6. Ranking

(Coming soon - I haven't quite figured out how Ranking works yet.)

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