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1. Game Info
2. Characters
3. Controls
4. Zero's Equipment

a. Weapons & Skills,  b. Element Chips, c. Items
5. Missions
6. Ranking
7. Weakness Chart
8. Boss Information
9. Cyber Elves

a. Nurse Type,  b. Animal Type, c. Hacker Type
10. Endings
11. Secrets/Unlockables
12. Notes
13. Credits
14. Contact Info
15. Disclaimer

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Mega Man ZERO FAQ/Walkthrough

By Liquidcross

10. Endings

Angelic X explodes with a fury, obliterating the Neo Arcadia base. Zero narrowly escapes. As he lies unconscious in the desert, the spark of the real X speaks to Zero briefly about how he had to fight Mavericks alone for 100 years, and how it almost seemed pointless after so much time. He asks Zero to fight on while he rests in peace, and Zero agrees. A horde of X-Drones shows up, but Zero knows what he has to do.

11. Secrets/Unlokables

- Beat the game to unlock Hard Mode. You''ll have all your previous upgrades and Elves, except for Element Chips, the Escape Unit, and weapons.

12. Notes

- The US Capcom team must love Star Wars (but then again...who doesn't?). There's an obvious SW reference after the first mission where you rescue Ciel. Zero doesn't remember who he is, and Ciel tells him that he's suffering from "hibernation sickness." If he wasn't able to see from the get-go, I would've wondered if his eyesight will return in time...
- Speaking of movies...there's Blade Runnner references in here, too. Neo Arcadia doesn't eradicate Reploids...they "retire" them. Maybe Rick Deckard works for Neo Arcadia?
- Is it just me, or the do Cyber-Elves seeem a LOT like the Navis from the Mega Man Battle Network games? Sure, they're used in real life rather than in the Net, but they have generally the same effects. Plus, if you've beaten MMBN2 (SPOILER ALERT!), you know that NetMafia Gospel was trying to breach the barrier between the digital world and the real world. Maybe they succeeded in some limited capacity?
- The blood and gore from the Japanese veersion of the game was removed in order for the game to get an "E" rating from the ESRB. Also, the dialogue was apparently "toned down" to be less violent. Some fans have complained, but I don't see it as much of a big deal. The game itself is still intact.
- Ciel's interruptions during levels can get rather annoying. Her text will appear on the bottom of the screen, while you're still trying to pay attention to fighting whatever's on the screen! More often than not, you'll completely miss her message. Staying alive is generally more important.
- X's four Generals are all named after mmythological creatures. Fefnir was a Norse fire dragon, Leviathan was a Biblical sea monster, Harpuia was a mate of Poseidon, and Phantom was...a phantom.
- Maha Ganeshariff was named after the Hiindu god Ganesh, who often took the form of an elephant.

13. Credits

- A Mega Man action game on the GBA? And it's a challenge? And it's got ZERO?! What more could you ask for?! Thanks, Capcom!!!

14. Contact Info

This FAQ is a constant work-in-progress. In fact, I'm well aware that I'm missing pieces. Know something I don't? Found a secret you're dying to share? Let me know! I'll credit you in future versions of this FAQ. Just email me: cross(at)liquidcross(dot)com. Be sure to place "Mega Man Zero" in the subject line. Thanks!

15. Disclaimer

Feel free to distribute or post this FAQ, but you MUST get my permission first, reproduce it IN FULL, and give me credit for it. Reproducing/copying/posting sections of this FAQ is strictly prohibited. Mega Man X, Zero, Ciel, and all associated materials are the property of Capcom.

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