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1. Game Info
2. Characters
3. Controls
4. Zero's Equipment

a. Weapons & Skills,  b. Element Chips, c. Items
5. Missions
6. Ranking
7. Weakness Chart
8. Boss Information
9. Cyber Elves

a. Nurse Type,  b. Animal Type, c. Hacker Type
10. Endings
11. Secrets/Unlockables
12. Notes
13. Credits
14. Contact Info
15. Disclaimer

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Mega Man ZERO FAQ/Walkthrough

By Liquidcross

7. Weakness Chart

Boss				Weakness	Item Gained
Anubis Necromancess III 	Fire		Cyber Elf (?)
Aztec Falcon		Z-Saber		Thunder Chip
Blizzack Stagroff		Fire		Ice Chip
Double Dragon		Z-Saber		Fire Chip
Fefnir			Thunder		Cyber Elf (Turbo)
Golem			Z-Saber		Z-Saber
Hanumachine		Thunder		Cyber Elf (?)
Harpuia			Ice		Cyber Elf (?)
Herculious Anchortus	Thunder		Cyber Elf (Beehoney)
Leviathan			Fire		Cyber Elf (Bomgu)
Maha Ganeshariff		Thunder		Cyber Elf (Itecle)
Mechaniloid		Z-Saber		Cyber Elf (?)
Phantom			Triple Rod	Cyber Elf (Hafmarda)
Rainbow Devil		Z-Saber		?
Train Boss		Z-Buster		Cyber Elf (?)
X			Z-Saber		n/a
Angelic X			Z-Saber		n/a

8. Boss Information

NOTE: If I'm unsure of the official name of some of the bosses, I made something up for simplicity's sake, or used a rough Japanese translation. Also, some bosses have multilayered health bars! You'll need to drain a boss' energy multiple times or more to destroy them! Bosses marked with an asterisk (*) are the four Generals that serve X.

Anubis Necromancess III - This guy will toss his spear at you, and also hide in the sand. When he raises stone pillars, make sure you are NOT stuck between them! Get out of their way in a hurry, or you risk getting crushed. Avoid Anubis' zombies, too. He's vulnerable to fire attacks.

Aztec Falcon - The Z-Saber works wonders on him. Stick to the wall as much as you can, dropping down to slash him when he's not attacking. This battle is timed, but just be patient, and you shouldn't have a problem wiping him out before the clock runs out. Defeat him to earn the Thunder Chip.

Blizzack Stagroff - Blizzack in the hizzouse! ...okay, that was bad. But I couldn't resist. Anyways, he's not too hard. Equip the Fire Chip, and use your charged saber to burn him. He'll jump around a lot, and try to freeze you in place. He'll also fire an ice beam that will push you back, but not damage you. The Ice Chip is your reward.

Double Dragon - This boss battle will take time and patience, but it's really not too hard. The DD has four different attacks: the two dragon heads will snap at you; the heads will breathe fire; the heads will shoot lightning balls; the heads will breathe ice clouds that will freeze you in place. A good strategy is this: as soon as the "eye" opens before the ice attack, slash it, dodge the ice, and repeat. Afterwards, just taunt the heads into coming out, then get as far away as possible. You can attack the heads, but it won't do any damage. Destroy the Double Dragon to earn the Fire Chip.

Fefnir* - Use the Thunder Chip and Z-Saber on this joker. He'll fire plasma shots at you, or strike the ground to cause a shockwave. Sometimes he'll power up, grab you, and toss you into the air. When you land, dash outta the way, because you know he's coming right after you. Charged Z-Saber slashes do lots of damage, so you should be rid of him quickly.

Golem - He'll zap you with lasers from his eyes, and cause blocks to fall from the ceiling. Blast him in the head. After all the blocks have fallen, get up on the wall; the Golem will rush at you. Just sap away about half of his'll get your Z-Saber back from a mysterious source. The saber will destroy the Golem with a single slash!

Hanumachine - A monkeybot. Yep, you read that right. Use the Thunder Chip and Z-Saber to remove him. He'll fire-dash at you, or send out little monkeys to hold you down. He'll also bounce around the room. Dash out of his way, and slash him into oblivion.

Harpuia* - This guy has some sick-looking blades on his arms. He'll attack you with crescent slashes as well as dash attacks. The bastard can fly, too, which always makes things more fun. He's vulnerable to ice attacks, though. Use your Z-Saber along with the Ice Chip to sting him.

Herculious Anchortus - Some weird beetle-looking thing that you're going to stomp the hell out of. Use your Ice Chip and Z-Saber. He'll dash at you, and also send out two electrical bolts. He's slow enough to avoid, and this battle will be over before you know it.

Leviathan* - You'll fight this chick underwater. She tells you not to hold back because she's a woman...but fear not, she's really easy. Use the Fire Chip and your saber to remove her. She'll fire out arrows that track you, but they're easy enough to dodge. When she charges up, she'll send out ice crystals, which are easily disposed of with a slash. Just dodge her attacks and slash away.

Maha Ganeshariff - He's really not so tough, especially if you use the Thunder Chip. Defeating him will earn you a Cyber Elf, and the weapon data for the Triple Rod (talk to Cerveau in the Engineering room).

Mechaniloid - This boss is quite easy. Use your Z-Saber to take out the port on the back (the one that drops mines). After it's gone, use the saber again to take out the port right above it (this one spits out hover drones). Finally, use charged shots from your Z-Buster to take out the port on the very top (the one that fires out parachute bombs). You shouldn't have any difficulty.

Phantom* - A NINJA! Really, he is. But if you've got the Triple Rod (especially if you've leveled it up), he's a joke. Stab him repeatedly whenever he's on the ground. When he's on the far left or right of the screen, he'll often toss a shuriken at you. Jump over it, then dash outta the way, because Phantom will
use it as a floating platform to throw darts at you. He'll also split himself into four parts; the real Phantom is the one that's slightly lighter than the others. You can still stab him at this point. Dash around a lot, because he'll often drop an X-Drone on you, then dash attack you.

Rainbow Devil - Jeez, these things just never go away. Luckily, this one's not too difficult. Stick to the walls, and charge-slash the bastard whenever he gets near you. He'll often send out little blobs along the floor that reform into the main mass (just like Mercury in Mega Man V for GB), or he'll turn into a flying skull. Just dodge him and finish him off.

Train Boss - Aim for the center. Stay to the left to avoid the flame jets, but move quickly--the X-Drone in the center will try to smash you between the floor and ceiling!

X - Guess who! Yep...Zero's old pal X has gone pure evil. But not like you'd think...this guy's just a cheap copy! Anyways, his armor can switch elements on the fly, so be prepared to be attacked with Fire, Ice, and Thunder! Just try to stay away from him, and hit him with a charged slash between his attacks.

Angelic X - In classic Mega Man tradition, the final boss has a second form. And, of course, even though he's only got 3 attacks, they do sick amounts of damage. Luckily, they're all preceded by a sound effect. First, he'll drop rings on you that'll hold you in place (you'll hear 3 or 4 echo sounds together). Stand still, then dash away when you see them. Make sure you're NOT on one of the side platforms when you hear the ound! Those rings will drag you right into the pit. His second attack is to fire a spread laser. When you hear the sound, jump on one of the side platforms, and the lasers should miss you. After he fires, jump off and charge-slash him in the head. His finally (and most damaging) attack is that he'll fire a little laser at the floor, then the floor will catch fire! The laser won't hurt you, but once you see it, get your ass onto one of the platforms! As Angelic X's life gets lower, his attacks will speed up, so be wary! Repeat your attack strategy, use your Elves and Sub-Tanks, and you'll finally destroy the imposter.

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