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1. Game Info
2. Characters
3. Controls
4. Zero's Equipment

a. Weapons & Skills,  b. Element Chips, c. Items
5. Missions
6. Ranking
7. Weakness Chart
8. Boss Information
9. Cyber Elves

a. Nurse Type,  b. Animal Type, c. Hacker Type
10. Endings
11. Secrets/Unlockables
12. Notes
13. Credits
14. Contact Info
15. Disclaimer

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Mega Man ZERO FAQ/Walkthrough

By Liquidcross

9. Cyber Elves

There's a TON of these little helpers in the game...about 70, to be exact. I have yet to find them all (if you can help complete this list, PLEASE see the "Contact Info" section below!). You get them from defeating certain enemies, bosses, or just finding them hidden in various levels. To use one, you need to get on a Trans Server and download it. You can have up to 3 at a time. To use an Elf, select it on your Weapons screen during battle. Once you use an Elf, however, they're gone! Some elves' icons are much larger than'll have to "raise" the Elf first...just feed it Energy Crystals (the "Feed Elf" option on the Trans Server) until it's ready for use. These have a permanent effect on Zero, and are maked with an asterisk (*). Elves with the largest icons need to be fed twice, so be sure to have a lot of energy crystals saved up!

Cyber Elves are broken up into 3 types: Nurse, Animal, and Hacker. Nurse help recover life; Animal affects your abilities; Hacker alters data, environmental factors, etc.

Nurse Type:

Areff - Recovers some life energy.
Fureff - Recovers some life energy.
Gireff - Recovers some life energy.
Greff - Recovers some life energy.
Hapitan* - Becomes a Sub Tank.
Hareff - Recovers some life energy.
Keick - Refills your life energy completely.
Lubtan* - Becomes a Sub Tank.
Nebitan* - Becomes a Sub Tank.
Nutan* - Becomes a Sub Tank.
Nuppie* - Increases your life gauge.
Reppie - Increases your life gauge.
Somack - Refills your life energy completely.
Winkie* - Doubles your vitality.

Animal Type:

Beedle - Backs you up with cover fire.
Beefive - Backs you up with cover fire.
Beehoney - Backs you up with cover fire.
Beenet - Backs you up with cover fire.
Beesus - Backs you up with cover fire.
Beevoice - Backs you up with cover fire.
Birtross - Saves you from falling into a bottomless pit.
Bomga - Bombs an enemy.
Bomgu - Bombs an enemy.
Bompa - Bombs an enemy.
Gibber* - Gives you additional climbing speed.
Shelter* - Decreases damage you take from enemies.
Sticken - Stuns an enemy.
Stickle - Stuns an enemy.
Turbo* - Increases your speed.

Hacker Type:

Clocka - Slows time.
Clocpooh - Slows time.
Cloctch - Slows time.
Eenite - Destroys some enemies.
Hafmarda - Cuts boss life energy.
Itecle - Makes enemies drop items.
Itepon - Makes enemies drop items.
Itettle - Makes enemies drop items.
Kenite - Destroys some enemies.
M-orekka - Changes enemies into Metools.
M-oria - Changes enemies into Metools.
M-orolli - Changes enemies into Metools.
M-orque - Changes enemies into Metools.
Stocpie - Stuns enemy.
Stocto - Stuns enemy.

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