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x. Introduction
xx. Disclaimer
I. Menu Options
II. Basic Controls
III. Characters

a. Efe
b. Kanae
c. Brandon
d. Shin
e. Duke
f. Nagasapa
g. Rungard
h. Jaman
i. Alperen (Boss)
IV. Endings
V. Secrets
VI. Cheats
VII. Credits

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Dual Blades FAQ / Movelist.

By: Kuno


I. Menu Options

The main menu is pretty straight forward.

Arcade Mode : This is the main game

Vs Mode : where you and a friend can duke it out

Battle Mode
Time Attack : Can you beat all 25 opponents in 99 seconds?
Survival : How long can you last?

Normal Mode : Where you can practice your moves

Press start to get these options:

Back :                  Back to the action
Action :               Stand Guard Jump Attack
Powers :             1x3 1x4 2x3 2x4
Powerbar :          Manual Blue Red Max
Difficulty :           Easy Normal Hard Deadly
Buttons :             Change the default buttons
Command List :   See a list of basic and personal moves
Change Fighter : Choose a different fighter
Quit :                   Back to the main menu

Combo Mode : Your given a set number of combos to complete

Difficulty :          Easy Normal Hard Deadly
Bouts :               1 3 5
Fight Speed :     Normal - Extra - Fast - SuperFast
Rage Mode :      On/Off
Healing :            On/Off
Music :               On/Off
Slash --------A Button
Big Slash ----B Button
Kick---------- L Button
Power -------R Button
Default Sets buttons back to above list
Exit hmm, I wonder what this does :P
Load Data
Save Data
Auto Save/Load On/Off
Clear Data

II. Basic Controls

Here are the basic controls for Dual Blades. Every character can do these moves.

Slash (SL) Big Slash (BS) Kick (K) Power (PW)

Weak Slash ->+(SL)
Weak Kick ->+(K)
Torso Attack (SL) while Holding (PW)
Dash ->-> or <-<-
Throw (Close) ->+BS
Block Tap -> when opponent hits you
Recovery (R) Hold (SL)+(BS) to finish a move immediately! Requires some Power Energy.
Breaker <-+(SL)+(BS) while taking some damage. Requieres MAX powerbar
Taunt (Charges Powerbar) (PW) (PW)

  Dual Blades

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