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x. Introduction
xx. Disclaimer
I. Menu Options
II. Basic Controls
III. Characters

a. Efe
b. Kanae
c. Brandon
d. Shin
e. Duke
f. Nagasapa
g. Rungard
h. Jaman
i. Alperen (Boss)
IV. Endings
V. Secrets
VI. Cheats
VII. Credits

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Dual Blades FAQ / Movelist.

By: Kuno

III. Characters

B + F

a. Efe

Lived during the decline of the Ottoman Empire. A good servant of the Empire, he demonstrated plenty of courage to help the Empire recover from the decline. Although he couldn't do anything to save the Empire, he now has an unexpected chance to change the destiny of his beloved country.

Flash Bomb        DF(SL) or DF(BS)
Sneak Bomb       DB(SL) or DB(BS)
Huge Slash         BF(BS)
Double Slash      BF(SL) then 'Huge Slash'
Deep Smash       FB(SL) or FB(BS)

#1 Power Bomb           DF(PW)
#2 Blade Rusher          DF(PW) Hold B or F to select range
#3 Ottoman Slap         FD(PW) Hold (PW)
#4 Ottoman Siege       DD(PW) makes all moves cancekable!!

b. Kanae

Was born in a small Japanese village with her twin sister Mirei in 1750. Her father was an important governor and sword master. When she was only one, ninjas came and killed everybody in the village, including her mother. Her badly injured father managed to escape and took Kanae and Mirei to a good friend, a fellow sword master. Unfortunately Kanae's father died shortly after. She grew up with the aid of the sword master and learned the skills of sword combat. She and her sister have only one purpose in life: avenge their father's death! But it is impossible for just the two of them to defeat the ninja clan. Luckily, Alperen comes and offers them to fight in his tournament. Kanae agrees to join so she can gain the extra powers she desperately needs.

Dragon Slash      DD(SL) or DD(BS)
Slash Uppercut   BF(SL) or BF(BS)
Dragon Flight      DF(K)
Slicer                   BD(SL) or BD(BS)
Falling Death       DF(SL) or DF(BS) In air only
Magic                  FB(SL) or FB(BS)

#1 Slash Dance       BF(PW)
#2 Dragon Tail        BF(PW)
#3 Samurai Slicer    DF(PW)
#4 Sudden Death   DF(PW) Hold U to rush up

c. Brandon

An adventurer and a skilled sword fighter, Brandon had heard the legend of a special sword that gives unimaginable power and immortality to its' possessor. He spent many years searching for the sword to discover its' powers. His undiminished vigor brings the soul of the Dual Blades to him with an invitation to join a tournament where the special sword could become his!

Upper-Sonic          DF(SL) or DF(BS)
Sonic Slash            BF(SL) or BF(BS)
Double Kick            BF(K)
Headbutt               FD(BS)
Low Magic              DB(SL)
Magic                     DB(BS) also in air

#1 Cut'n Roll             DF(PW)
#2 Death Rain          DF(PW) in air only
#3 Super Headbutt   DD(PW) Close
#4 Typhoon              DD(PW) hold (PW)

  Dual Blades

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