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x. Introduction
xx. Disclaimer
I. Menu Options
II. Basic Controls
III. Characters

a. Efe
b. Kanae
c. Brandon
d. Shin
e. Duke
f. Nagasapa
g. Rungard
h. Jaman
i. Alperen (Boss)
IV. Endings
V. Secrets
VI. Cheats
VII. Credits

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Dual Blades FAQ / Movelist.

By: Kuno

III. Characters

g. Rungard

This black magic master from middle Europe during the times when chaos ruled, one day felt the power of the Dual Blades. With this untold power increase he can now become the destroyer he's longed to be. He possesses the elemental magic that the holder of the Dual Blades wishes they had!

Inferno                      DF(SL) or DF(BS)
Ice Blot                      BD(SL) or BD(BS)
Lightning Attack         BF(SL) or BF(BS)
Teleport Crush           DU(SL) or DU(BS)
Buster Tap                 (SL) or (BS)
Evil Dash (Forward)   DF(K)
Evil Dash (Backward) DB(K)

#1 Meteor              DB(PW)
#2 Inferno Circle    DB(PW) Tap (PW)
#3 Armageddon     BF(PW)
#4 Double Trouble  DD(PW) Causes +50% damage!

h. Jaman

is a warrior from the Underworld whose people have always been rejected by the Outerworld for centuries. Jaman has claws and a pet beast (the result of living in the Underworld for years) to unleash on to his opponents. Jaman wants to save his kind from becoming more like mutants and free them so they can live as they wish. The time for revenge has beckoned....

Flash Claw          DF(SL) or DF(BS)
Crawling Beast    BF(SL) or BF(BS)
Beast Trap          DB(SL)
Beast Blow          DB(BS)
Falling Beast       DD(K)
Beast Tornado    BFD(SL) B or F or move
Rising Tornado   BFD(BS)
Hyper Jump        DU During Dash

#1 Beast Roll       DF(PW)
#2 Thunder Claw DF(PW)
#3 Vengeance     DB(PW) in air
#4 Loyalty           DD(PW)

i. Alperen (Boss)

The fighter every one wants to defeat and must beat to gain the coveted immortality of the Dual Blades! Press (PW) twice to switch between Soul Mode and Weapon Mode

Soul Mode
Soul Pincers    BF(SL) or BF(BS)
Energy Wall    DDD(BS)
Protecters      FD(SL) or FD(BS)

#1 Soul Blades   DDD(PW)
#3 Soul Trap     FDB(PW)

Weapon Mode
Combo 1 (SL),(SL),D(SL),B(SL),(BS),F(BS)
Combo 2 (BS),(BS),F(BS),D(SL,D(SL),B(SL),F(BS)
Combo 3 D(BS),D(SL),D(BS),D(BS),(SL),(SL),B(SL),(BS)

#2 Soul Axe       DDF(PW)
#4 Soul Spear    BDF(PW)

  Dual Blades

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