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x. Introduction
xx. Disclaimer
I. Menu Options
II. Basic Controls
III. Characters

a. Efe
b. Kanae
c. Brandon
d. Shin
e. Duke
f. Nagasapa
g. Rungard
h. Jaman
i. Alperen (Boss)
IV. Endings
V. Secrets
VI. Cheats
VII. Credits

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Dual Blades FAQ / Movelist.

By: Kuno

III. Characters

d. Shin

Very little is known about this mysterious, dark person. To Alperen he looked a bit Asian but to find him in front of a Goblin Lair really confused him. But Alperen could see Shin's obvious hunger for power and his readiness and willingness to do anything to obtain it! Shin is very effective in both close and long range combat - other fighters must also watch out for his crows!

Dark Chopper           DD(SL) DD(BS)
Blade of Blood          FD(BS)
Dark Friend              DF(SL) or DF(BS)
Claws of Darkness   BF(BS)
Axe Kick                   FD(K)

#1 Dark Messanger      DB(PW) use 'Dark Friend' to make crows Attack! Maximum 4 crows
#2 Silent Cutter           DF(PW)
#3 Deadly Fellowship   FB(PW)
#4 Secret Weapon       FB(PW)

e. Duke

A great knight from a kingdom with its' last stronghold under siege, Duke must do everything to rout this siege. While Duke's task seems quite insurmountable, his unmeasured will for victory is felt by the Dual Blades. It's up to Duke to take full advantage of this single opportunity to save his kingdom with his great sword and limited magic.

Sword Rush          BF(SL)
Deadly Rush         BF(BS) Hold (BS) to charge
Sword of Flames   DB(SL) or DB(BS)
Holy Guard            DF(BS)
Holy Guard (low)   DF(SL)
Knight Drill             DD(BS) in air
Knight Special        DF(BS) x4 While throwing

#1 Knight's Fury   DF(PW) Close
#2 Reflection        DF(PW) Counters Attacks
#3 Red Dragon     DD(PW)
#4 Holy Armour    DD(PW)

f. Nagasapa

A sweet and innocent-looking old lady from middle Asia, Nagasapa is in fact a true sorcerer with powers to control and affect the souls of any creature. But she can only do this for the good of the human race. One day Nagasapa received an important message from her favorite soul - a most dangerous and powerful force held inside a sword. Nagasapa quickly left her Oba (a traditional old Turkish village) to destroy this unholy power and the sword that holds it! Nagasapa is not very effective in close range with her short Khazak whip but does have powerful magic.

Spirit of Might            BF(SL) or BF(BS)
Spirit of Crush           DD(SL) or DD(BS)
NoJump Curse           DF(SL)
Confusion Curse        DF(BS)
NoSpecials Curse       DB(BS)
Guard Reverse          DB(SL)
Spirit Mine                  FBF(BS)
Teleport                     FB(BS) or FB(SL) to air
Soul Flight                  Hold (B) or (F) during dash

#1 Ghost Army       BF(PW)
#2 Soul Smash        BF(PW)
#3 Guard Curse      DD(PW) use (BS) to curse!
#4 Spirit Impact      DD(PW)

  Dual Blades

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