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1. Story
2. Characters
3. Items
4. Spiral Mountain's past
5. Banjo and the Barn Boys
6. Saving Foulmouthed Breegull
7. The Adventures of Bayou Banjo
8. Banjo on the Boardwalk
9. Freezing Furnace and Grunty's Industry's Past
10. Spiral Mountain Jiggies
11. Jump into Grunty's Lair and ending the game
12. Quick Move Guide
13. Quick Transformation Guide
14. Quick Mini Game Guide
15. Enemy Guide
(Nothing Yet)
16. Quick Boss Guide
17. Glitches and other Oddities
18. Action Replay Cheats
19. Beta Comparison
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20. Hacking (Nothing Yet)
21. Credits

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Banjo Kazooie: Grunty's Revenge

By Coolboyman

13.Quick Transformation Guide

Mouse: This can be used to craw through small places, and chew on things to get them out of the way, or move switches. It is also very fast, but it cannot create any damage to enemies though.

Candle: You can become the candle to go straight into dark places Banjo can't usually go into. Also can be used to burn candles or icy objects. Also attack baddies with the burn attack by pressing B.

Octopus: The Octopus can be used to go into dangerous waters Banjo can't usually go into. The Octopus can also go into small pipes, and attack baddies with its water gun by pressing B.

Tank: The tank can go break down large metal doors, and kill enemies with ease. Attack with the cannon attack by pressing B, although it cannot jump.

14.Quick Mini Game Guide

After you beat the game and get at least 160 coins, go to Spillerston and play the arcade.

Egg Scramble (20 Coins) This mini game you go down a slide, you must collect all the eggs in order to win, theres 12 in all, make sure not to hit the spikes or you will spin out.

Sheep Dip (40 Coins) The sheep need to get fished out! Use the control pad to move Banjo, and Hold B to cast the net, and the longer you hold B, the farther it goes. Try to get a high score!

Battle Boats (60 Coins) Its an all out brawl when you and 3 computer players fight over a chest. You must hold onto the chest the longest, hold A or B to move, and L/R to shoot cannons at other players to spin them out. Try to hold onto the chest for a full 60 seconds!

Grubby Chute (80 Coins) This is similar to Egg Scramble, except you can collect more than 20 thus making it a game to get the highest score. Like Egg Scramble, avoid spikes, collect the grub.

Magic Angler (100 Coins) This is similar to Sheep Dip, but there are snippets that if you hook onto them they will attack you. The controls are the same as Sheep Dip, just don't try to get hurt and get a best score!

Slide 'O Fear (120 Coins) You must race against a parachuting mouse, go over the zip pads to go faster, make sure you odnt hit the oil either, see how FAR ahead you can get of the rat!

Frozen Fish (140 Coins) This is basically the same as Magic Angler, but a twist- you cant see what you fish up until you fished it up! So be careful and just fish at all places. Try to get a high score.

Snowy Sleds (160 Coins) The controls are the same as battle boats, but this time you must collect the little Icy guys, and more than the rats collecting. It doesnt keep score sadly so you cant get a "best score"...

  Banjo Kazooie: Grunty's Revenge

Banjo Kazooie: Grunty's Revenge Complete Walkthrough

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