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1. Story
2. Characters
3. Items
4. Spiral Mountain's past
5. Banjo and the Barn Boys
6. Saving Foulmouthed Breegull
7. The Adventures of Bayou Banjo
8. Banjo on the Boardwalk
9. Freezing Furnace and Grunty's Industry's Past
10. Spiral Mountain Jiggies
11. Jump into Grunty's Lair and ending the game
12. Quick Move Guide
13. Quick Transformation Guide
14. Quick Mini Game Guide
15. Enemy Guide
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16. Quick Boss Guide
17. Glitches and other Oddities
18. Action Replay Cheats
19. Beta Comparison
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20. Hacking (Nothing Yet)
21. Credits

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Banjo Kazooie: Grunty's Revenge

By Coolboyman

5. Banjo and the Barn Boys

The first level is Farm Heights, which is pretty easy, and fun, will get you into the game.

Jiggy 1: Learn how to from Bozzeye that is near by the entrance of the level. Go to the spring nearby and submerge in, inside lies a Jiggy

Jiggy 2: Follow the path and climb up the hill and you will find a mother chicken who has lost all of her eggs down a slide. Go into the cave and you will slide down. Collect all the eggs and avoid the spikes, and you will earn the Jiggy.

Jiggy 3: From Jiggy 2, just across the gap at the left and climb up. When you reach the top there will be whiplash's surrounding a Jiggy, simply kill them and get the Jiggy.

Jiggy 4: From Jiggy 3 follow the path east until you see a pen with a bunch of sheep in a pen, kill the gruntweed when its on the ground. Kill it and grab the Jiggy.

Jiggy 5: Go to the north part of the farm and talk to the mother hen, she has lost her 5 chicks.

Chick 1: The pen that's in the center of the map, walk on the bottom part of it, you should see it, so go get it.

Chick 2: Go into the big pen east of the mother chick, and go up and you can find it.

Chick 3: After you get chick 2, jump to the little piece of land that's west of it and get the chick. Grab the jiggy as well.

Chick 4: Go right of the north side of the pen near the mill and you should find it.

Chick 5: Near the top of the map, where Mumbo's skull is, is the last chick

Jiggy 6: When getting chick 3 you should already have gotten this, its on the small piece of land on the west side of the map.

Jiggy 7: Go northeast of the big pen to go into a smaller pen. There you can play a mini game. You have to fish the sheep out of the pen. Move the control stick to move Banjo, hold the B button and hold it based on how far you want your net to go. Get all of them for a Jiggy.

Jiggy 8: Go into the barn that's inside the big pen, and inside will be a button, roll into it and it will activate the boss pad. Go on it and press A to face your first boss, Klungo. The first Klungo is really easy. Just dodge the potions he throws at you, and hit him when his shield his gone. He throws more potions every time you hit him. Hit him 3 times and your done.

Jiggy 9: Turn into a mouse after you beat the boss. Go crawl into the mill, inside get the Hollow Honeycomb, and go into the hole and crawl under the mill, you cant see it well, but go walk around until you get to the other side of the bottom (the right). Go walk up then and you will appear on the higher level of the mill. Up there lies a Jiggy.

Jiggy 10: Red Jinjos

Jinjo 1: Right near Jiggy 2 you should see it.

Jinjo 2: Dive into the pool that's east of Jiggy 3.

Jinjo 3: South of the pool where Jinjo 2 is lies a Jinjo that is on a bunch of barrels.

Jinjo 4: Go to Jiggy 6 and dive into the water, follow the water trail (to get the notes as well) and go under the bridge, follow the trail up to the mill and a Jinjo will be there.

Jinjo 5: Go into the barn as a mouse and go into the small hole inside the barn. In there is a Jinjo.

Bozzeye 1: Swimming (25 Notes) Right next to the entrance of the world you can learn a new move. When theres a spring of water or you see bubbles on the water, push R to submerge and you will be underwater! Push A to swim higher and the control pad to move (of course). Be careful though, because you have a limited air supply.

Bozzeye 2: Climbing (40 Notes) Follow the path after you get the first Jiggy and you will find the molehill. When you see a bunch of vines or anything else you can climb simply walk up to it, and move up down left or right, if you want to jump off just press A.

Bozzeye 3: Rolling (60 Notes) Northeast of the barn is the last molehill of this level. While running, push B to do a roll attack. This can be used to also press switches.

Hollow Honeycomb 1: Go on the top of the barn and climb up. There will be one there.

Hollow Honeycomb 2: When you're in the mill, it will be out in the open, so grab it.

  Banjo Kazooie: Grunty's Revenge

Banjo Kazooie: Grunty's Revenge Complete Walkthrough

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