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1. Story
2. Characters
3. Items
4. Spiral Mountain's past
5. Banjo and the Barn Boys
6. Saving Foulmouthed Breegull
7. The Adventures of Bayou Banjo
8. Banjo on the Boardwalk
9. Freezing Furnace and Grunty's Industry's Past
10. Spiral Mountain Jiggies
11. Jump into Grunty's Lair and ending the game
12. Quick Move Guide
13. Quick Transformation Guide
14. Quick Mini Game Guide
15. Enemy Guide
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16. Quick Boss Guide
17. Glitches and other Oddities
18. Action Replay Cheats
19. Beta Comparison
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20. Hacking (Nothing Yet)
21. Credits

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Banjo Kazooie: Grunty's Revenge

By Coolboyman

7. The Adventures of Bayou Banjo

Bad Magic Bayou is like Mad Monster Mansion and Bubble Gloop Swamp from Banjo-Kazooie Combined--- a swamp and spooky combined. Prepare to be annoyed by monsters poking out of walls, but you can learn some pretty cool moves in this area! You need at least 14 Jiggies to enter, so you should have plenty for this area.

Jiggy 1: Go South of the entrance and go a little to the right and you will see a sergeant gruntling, he'll put you to the test. Simply kill all the gruntlings and claim your prize.

Jiggy 2: After you get Jiggy 1 go to the west and meet up with another mouse. Play the fishing game, its very similar to the sheep game in Farm Heights, but you need to only get the red fish, and make sure you don't touch the snippets.

Jiggy 3: After you get Jiggy 2 go to the east and go into the Vapor scrubs. Go into Talon Tront Mode, and Jump across the planks as fast as you can, because this poisonous gas slowly takes your health away. Do not go into the area north yet--- instead keep following the path, then jump up on the log. Then feathery flap to the other one and get the Jiggy. Get the Jinjo that's between the logs while you're at it.

Jiggy 4: At the entrance, follow the path that leads up the hill. You will find a mansion; a Jiggy is on it. Flip Flap your way up to it, and its yours.

Jiggy 5: Go inside the mansion and go to the left room. There will be a lab. Go shoot a battery egg (learn it from the right room first) and then climb up the ladder at the right. Wait for the pad to come and pick you up, stay on it and STAY in breegull blaster mode. Then when you see the next hole shoots it and jump on the second pad. Wait for it to reach the platform that the Jiggy is and get it!

Jiggy 6: (Boss) Go upstairs and go all the way down to the last room. Shoot battery eggs in the holes and you can access the boss. Its Klungo and he's pretty easy. He will turn invisible and chase you, as well as throw potions at you. When he is invisible and he has no shield around him simply hit him. Do it 3 times and he will give up for now...

Jiggy 7: Go back to the entrance and go northeast of there. Bill Drill some of the roots that are in the ground, a sludge monster will pop out... don't worry, when it gets on you simply move the control pad a lot and it will disappear. Bill drill again and get a second sludge monster, do the same thing. Bill drill a third time and the Jiggy will hit the ground.

Jiggy 8: Go to vapor scrubs where you got the 3rd Jiggy, and go up to Mumbo's Skull (after you got the Mumbo Totem from Jiggy 6) and change into the new transformation --- Candle. Candles can light up very dark areas that Banjo can't go into, and do a flaming summersault. Go into the dark cave to the right and follow the path to a hidden room. There are pictures on the walls with certain shapes that tell you which candles to light. Make sure you remember them and light the appropriate amount. When you do all of that you get a Jiggy!

Jiggy 9: Go to Mumbo's Skull again and transform into a Tank (You need the Mumbo Totem from Freezing Furnace in order to get this Jiggy). Go west of Mumbo's skull and blow down that door. Go in and you will see a bunch of tiles, make sure you run over EVERYONE of them. When you reach the end of the place, get your Jiggy.

Jiggy 10: Cyan Jinjos

Jinjo 1: Go east of where Bozzeye teaches you the Rat-a-Tat-Tat, and there will be a big log. Jump on it and kill the monster that pokes out of it and get the Jinjo.

Jinjo 2: Go to the middle of Vapor Scrubs (Near Jiggy 3) and get him.

Jinjo 3: At the right of the mansion, there will be roots showing. Bill drill it and the Jinjo will fall out of the tree.

Jinjo 4: Go inside the Mansion and go to the second floor. There will be a Jinjo on a pillar. Flip Jump to it.

Jinjo 5: When you're a candle, on your way to the candle puzzle you should find the Jinjo

Bozzeye Move 1: Rat-a-tat-tat (210 Notes) Go South East of the Entrance and you will find a molehill. Talk to Bozzeye and he will teach you how to use this useful move against those stupid monsters that poke out of the holes. Jump and then press B and Kazooie's beak will give enemies a thrashing.

Bozzeye Move 2: Bill Drill (170 Notes) Go to the right side of the mansion and Bozzeye will teach you how to use Bill Drill. Jump and then push R to make Kazooie drill the ground. This can shake stuff out of trees, break certain ground objects, and push switches if you're too lazy to use Pack Whack...

Bozzeye Move 3: Battery Eggs (260 Notes) Go inside the Mansion and go into the right room, and Bozzeye gives you a new kind of egg: Battery eggs. These will give enemies a shock and can be used to power up certain things.

Hollow Honeycomb 1: Go to the right side outside of the mansion, and it should just be there out in the open.

Hollow Honeycomb 2: Go to where you learn battery eggs and shoot the eggs into the holes, and the Hollow Honeycomb should fall right out of the wall.

  Banjo Kazooie: Grunty's Revenge

Banjo Kazooie: Grunty's Revenge Complete Walkthrough

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