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Lunar Legend FAQ/Walkthrough

By Squirtle15

VIII. Walkthrough (1)

Chapter 1 : ~ The Beginning Of A Journey ~

Alex is thinking about how an adventure never leaves him behind. He even admires how Dragonmaster Dyne save the world. He asks himself about his OWN adventure. Alex will then try to prove that he too can be as strong and adventurous as Dragonmaster Dyne by pulling the sword in Dyne's grave. Sadly enough, he can't pull it out and falls to the ground! Just when he wants to have a second try, Nall, a friend of Alex, came in shouting Alex's name. He reminded Alex about Luna and his singing practice! Just when they're about to leave, Ramus came and tells you about a wizard that comes from Vane, the magical city. The wizard summons all of the villagers but the only people left are Alex and Luna! Ramus will then ask you to help him find Luna. So, what are you waiting for? Enter the town of Burg! ^ ^


My Party's Level : Alex Lv.1, Luna Lv.1, Ramus Lv.1, Nash Lv.1. Items : Heal Gum, Mental Gum, Dragon Feather, Angel's Tear, Magical Cane (Red Chest), Beat Knuckles (Red Chest).

First of all, enter the first house you can see when you enter Burg. Enter the basement and open all three chests for a Heal Gum, a Dragon Feather and an Angel's Tear. Exit the house and try crossing over the bridge south of you. You will then hear Luna's beautiful voice! ^ ^ Nall will tell you that the voice comes from the spring. So go north and to the next screen! You will then find Luna there, singing a song, alone! :P

Luna will then complain how late Alex is and tells him to practice playing the ocarina as the festival is almost here! But then Nall will explain about how the wizard summoned every villagers to meet at the Goddess Statue. Luna doesn't look so happy after all but Alex offers and explanation on the way. You will then automatically go back to the outskirt of the town! Oh yeah, Luna will also be in your party! Yay!^ ^

Now, cross the bridge I mentioned before and head straight to the squares! You will then meet Nash Rumack, the wizard from the magic city, Vane. He'll introduce himself to all the villagers. Nall said that he expected the wizard to be a bearded old man! But then Nash spots him talking and asks Nall to be quiet while he's talking! Alex's mom will then apologize for Nall's behaviour and let Nash finish what he's trying to say. It turns out to be that Nall wants someone, knowledgeable about the famous Dragonmaster Dyne to guide him. Alex's mom then offer her son to Nash. Nash feels delighted and wants Alex to guide him as soon as possible. As Alex asks where to, Nash reveals about how he wants to get to the Weird Woods to take the trials to become a Dragonmaster himself! That brat! Opss! Anyway, he asks you to meet him at the town entrance!

Alex, Luna, ramus and Nall will then discuss about the chances of meeting the White Dragon Gem just like Dyne in the White Dragon shrine! Luna tries to stop you but Ramus said it's okay and tells you that there's a map at his house! Oh yeah, you can use the Althena's Statue to heal yourself for free too! :)

Okay, for now, let's enter the house north of you. Talk to the maid there and she will say that the map you're looking for is just at the shelf near you. It's really easy to spot as there's an arrow pointing to where the map is! :) Get the map and if yo want to, enter the room near you to get a good look at the locked red chest! You can't open it now but you can later! :) Now, exit the house and talk to all the people if you want. Otherwise, head straight to the weapon shop and buy Wooden Shield for both Alex and Ramus and Frying Pan for Luna. You can spend the balances the way you like it but I strongly recommend you buy some more Heal Gums! :)

Exit the weapon shop and if you examine the bottom right corner of the town closely, you could actually walk past the trees and bump into another red chest! :P Okay, when you're ready, go to the town entrance which is just to the west of the Goddess Statue and talk to Nash. He will ask you whether you're ready or not. Then, all of you will be on the World Map! Yay!

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GBA Lunar Legend

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