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1.) FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions
2.) How to Play

- Basic Button Commands
- Features
- Skill Guide
3.) Magic System
- Magic Mechanics
- Cleric Spell Listing     L0   L1,   L2,   L3,   L4,   L5
- Wizard Spell Listing  L0L1,   L2,    L3L4,   L5
4.) Combat Strategies
5.) Building an Effective Party   1,   2,   3 
6.) The Walkthrough (in construction)
Levels: 12345,   6,   7,   8,  910
7.) Credits, Thanks, Etc....

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Dungeon's and Dragons: Eye of the Beholder FAQ / Walkthrough.

Created by: Zephyrmaster (Andrew Sherman)

2.) How to play

Basic Button Commands

*Note: Much of this information is based on information that can be found in the manual.

Button Listing:
L - Select Character (Rotate Left)
R - Select Character (Rotate Right)
Select - Nothing
Start - Display Map
B - Access the menu
A - Select Menu Item, Interact w/ object or environment
Control Pad - Move around

Move around the world with the control pad. Use the A button to open doors and chests. To talk to something or use a skill on an object, you have to press B to access the menu.

Various Information:

Experience Levels:

Level EXP Necessary
1 0
2 1000
3 3000
4 6000
5 10000
6 15000
7 21000


Feat                Perquisite         Description
Alertness           None               Improves Listen, Spot skills
Armor Prof. (Light) None               Can wear armor w/o penalty
Armor Prof. (Med)   Armor Prof. (L)    Can wear armor w/o penalty
Armor Prof. (Heavy) Armor Prof. (Med)  Can wear armor w/o penalty
Combat Casting      Wizard/Cleric      Adept at casting in combat
Combat Reflexes     Dex of 12+         More Attacks of Opportunity
Exotic Wep. Prof.   Lvl 1 Fighter      No attack penalty for exotic
                    Lvl 2 others       weapons
Extra Turning       Cleric             Additional Turning
Great Fortitude     None               Helps w/ poison, death...
Improved Initiative None               Quicker reaction in combat
Iron Will           None               Helps against magic
Lightning Reflexes  None               Faster reflexes
Martial Wep. Prof.  None               No attack penalty: Exotic w.
Point Blank Shot    None               + to close ranged attacks
Precise Shot        Point Blank Shot   Negates cover bonus
Quick Draw          Lvl 1 Fighter      Change weapons at attack as
                    Lvl 2 other        your action
Rapid Shot          Point Blank Shot,  Extra ranged attack per
                    Dex of 13+         round. Less accuracy.
Scribe Scroll       Wizard/Cleric      Create scrolls of spells
Shield Prof.        None               Use shield w/o penalty
Simple Weap. Prof.  None               No penalty w/ simple weap.
Smooth Talk         None               +Dimplomacy, Sense Motive
Thug                None               Quick reaction to combat
Toughness           None               + 3 HP
Weapon Finesse      Weap. Prof.        Chooses higher bonus between
                                       Str, Dex for Small weapons

  Dungeon's and Dragons:
  Eye of the Beholder

Eye of the Beholder gba

Dungeon's and Dragons

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