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1. Game Info
2. Characters
3. Controls
4. Zero's Equipment

a. Weapons & Skills,  b. Element Chips, c. Items
5. Missions
6. Ranking
7. Weakness Chart
8. Boss Information
9. Cyber Elves

a. Nurse Type,  b. Animal Type, c. Hacker Type
10. Endings
11. Secrets/Unlockables
12. Notes
13. Credits
14. Contact Info
15. Disclaimer

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Mega Man ZERO FAQ/Walkthrough

By Liquidcross

1. Game Info

After sealing himself away for 102 years (see Zero's ending to Mega Man X6 on PSX), Zero awakens to a world ruled by the evil Neo Arcadia goverment. He fights to survive, and he may just run into some old friends along the way...

At long last, a Mega Man action game comes to the GBA! (The Mega Man Battle Network games were excellent, but they were RPGs.) And instead of being consigned to a secondary role, our pal Zero is the protagonist! How cool is that?

This game is TOUGH! Be prepared to get REALLY pissed off at some of the levels and bosses. Plus, you only get ONE life! If you die, you've got retries, but if it's during the actual mission, you've got to start that mission all over again! If you die during a boss fight, you'll start right before their chamber.

2. Characters

ERO - Our hero. He awakens with severe amnesia and loss of many of his skills, in a world where Reploids are hunted down and executed. You know damn well he won't stand for that!

CIEL - A human scientist sympathetic to the Reploid cause who located Zero. She helps out the Reploid Resistance, and assigns missions to Zero.

CYBER-ELVES - Sentient beings comprised of pure data that can be activated in battle. They "die" after use.

X - Zero's best friend in his former life. The drones of Neo Arcadia look suspiciously like him...could X be behind all of this?

3. Controls

These are defaults; they can be changed via the Options menu.

D-pad: Movement; tap Forward twice to dash
B: Fire
A: Jump
L: Dash
R+B: Slash with Z-Saber
Start: Pause/Weapons menu
Select: n/a

4. Zero's Equipment

Weapons & Skills:

NOTE: Level 1 of any weapon is the default that you start with. Using a weapon continually will allow it to level up. One of the easiest ways to do this is to go to the Trans Server in the Resistance Base, and visit old levels repeatedly. Just run around and kill enemies to your heart's content!

Z-Saber (7 levels):

Level 1 - A fairly standard beam saber.
Level 2 - Double-slash.
Level 3 - Triple-slash.
Level 4 - Spin-slash while jumping.
Level 5 - Charge slash.
Level 6 - Charge faster.
Level 7 - Rolling slash along the ground. (I haven't figure out how to do this one yet.)

Z-Buster (4 levels):

Level 1 - A pistol that can fire 3 shots in succession.
Level 2 - Fire 4 shots at once, rather than 3.
Level 3 - Charge shots.
Level 4 - Charge faster.

Triple Rod (5 levels):

Level 1 - A force pike with a small energy blade on the tip.
Level 2 - Double-stab.
Level 3 - Triple stab.
Level 4 - You can charge the rod, and do a spin attack.
Level 5 - Charge faster.

Shield Boomerang (3 levels):

Level 1 - A spinning shield that can reflect enemy fire. Charge it up to throw it!
Level 2 - Medium-range attack.
Level 3 - Long-rage attack.

Element Chips:

These take effect when using a charged weapon.

Thunder Chip - Can short-circuit some enemies, freezing them in place.

Fire Chip - Can set some enemies ablaze.

Ice Chip - Can freeze some enemies.


Cyber Elves - See full "Cyber Elves" section below.

Energy Crystals - Collect these to feed your Cyber Elves.

Sub Tanks - Energy tanks that can be refilled by picking up energy powerups while your life meter is full. Using a sub tank will refill your life energy.

Escape Unit - This allows you to escape from a mission if it gets too rough. The downside is that you'll still get a "Mission Failed" rating. You'll get it from Ciel.

Retry - Essentially the same thing as an extra life. It's a little "Z" icon that will give you an extra continue.

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