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1. Walkthrough
1A. Tutorial Missions
1B. Lichen Missions
1C. Ravine Missions
1D. Scorch Missions
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Mech Platoon GBA FAQ/Walkthrough

By Shaun William McGurn

1. Walkthrough

1A. Tutorial Missions

The game begins on planet Tenzan. Here you must complete the Tutorial missions. You will only have to do this once when starting a new game. The rest of the times you start at the beginning. If you want to go back to the Tutorial missions again after completeing them they can be access from the main screen when the Tutorial section is unlocked. This happens after the first time you beat it. I am not going to go into any detail on these since the game itself tells you what To do already. I will just list the conditions.

Mission 1
Winning Conditions: Build a base.
Losing Conditions: None.

Mission 2
Winning Conditions: Create Labor Units and build a Warehouse.
Losing Conditions: None.

Mission 3
Winning Conditions: Recycle and collect 100 Lasercrystal.
Losing Conditions: None.

Mission 4
Winning Conditions: Salvage 3 wrecks and build a Lab.
Losing Conditions: No more than 3 wrecks can be salvaged(if you wait to long to gather the wreckage it will decompose and you will lose).

Mission 5
Winning Conditions: Eliminate all monsters!
Losing Conditions: No allied units survive.

Mission 6
Winning Conditions: Build a laser base.
Losing Conditions: Allied base destroyed.

Mission 7
Winning Conditions: Destroy all enemy units!
Losing Conditions: Allied base destroyed.

After all of this you will have to choose whose army you will lead. There are three choices. Leon, Trampler and Minos. The misisons will take place on three different planets. The missions on each planet are the same no matter who you play as so I will just do them by planet.

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