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1. Why did I make this?
2. The Characters
3. Items
4. Walkthrough 1, 2, 3, 4
5. Sub-Games
6. Trading Cards
7. Credits

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Lego Island 2 FAQ/Walkthrough

By Jöhñbôb

4. Walkthrough (1)

Parlez-vous Français?
That's French for "Do you speak French?" If you can, you can play this game in French. I don't, I just know a few phrases. Anywho . . .

"We have an urgent Newsflash. . Oh no! The Brickster hasescaped from LEGO Island Jail. Nick Brick at the scene now. Do you read me, Nick?
Nick: Yes. . I can hear you Infomaniac.
Inf.: What is the situation, Nick?
Nick: It appears that the Brickster used the extra hot chiles on his pizza to burn his way out of Jail.
Inf.: That is terrible!
Nick: Even worse, the Brickster has stolen the Constructopædia and deconstructed all of LEGO Island buildings. Only one page has been found so far. We think the Brickster may have dropped the other Pages around the Island.
Inf.: Thank you nick. That is all the information we have at the moment. We will bring you more news as it happens."

Doesn't really matter. Press start to skip it.

Game select
Chose New Game to start a new game, and use left and right on the D-Pad to scroll through slots. Chose a slot and start.

You start at your deconstructed house. Go south. The Infomaniac will come and greet you. Then Bill Ding will reconstruct your house. Then Ed Mail will come and tell you something. Go west and the Brickster will greet you. He will then misquote "All your base are belong to us" and burp. Go into your yard and around to find a Darren trading card.

Go back to the street and north. Talk to the construction guy and he says the Brickster stole their jackhammer. Then the Infomaniac will tell you to go to Beach 3. Press L to look at your map and go there.

As you pass near the skatepark, the Brickster will give you a skateboard. Press B to use it and travel faster.

Beach 3
As you enter you will find a Sam Sinister trading card. Go west. Hit the robot you see (called a Bricksterbot) with a Pizza. Go even more west and see the Jackhammer and the Infomaniac. Get the Jackhammer and talk to the Infomaniac. Leave the beach and go to the bridge.

Give the jackhammer to the guy and he will give you the Information Center page. Rebuild the Information center by going there. Go inside to play your first Sub-Game, Whack-a-Bot. See the Sub-Game section for details. After you win, go to the Allotment.

Talk to Mr Funberg. After that, pick the weeds with A. When all of them are gone, you get a Toll Bridge coin.

Go north of the Information Center. You will find a radio Antenna Piece. Go even more north to find a Papa trading card.

North Island
Lego Island is actually 3 islands: North, south, and middle. Anyway, go to the ferry pier.

Ferry Pier
Go there, then North, west across the Zebra crossing, and down into the bench area. In the SW corner, you will find the Old Man's Glasses. Take them to Old Man on the middle island.

  Lego Island 2


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