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1. Layin' down da LAW!
2. About JP3
3. The Main menus
4. Basic management tips
5. Contruction Tips
6. Advanced management tips
7. Dinosaur List + Locations  1-20, 21-40, 41-60, 61-80, 81-100, 101-120, 121-140
8. FAQ and CODES
9. Contact me
10. Questions NOT to ask me please
11. Credits + Mutants List
12. The Final Farewell

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Jurassic Park 3: Park Builder FAQ/Walkthrough

By David Kamikaze

2. About JP3

Jurassic Park 3 did not do very well despite being a million times better than THE LOST WORLD. But it has spawned a lot of spin-offs, JP3: PARK BUILDER for the GBA being my personal fave. Yep, think THEME PARK with dinosaurs! It's such a cheap, obvious rip off it HAD to work! it has given me sleepless nights trying to prevent a full-scale Gigantosaurus rampage and made me laugh when I find out my mystery DNA is from a T-Rex!

if you like Theme Park or Sim City and have a GBA, this is the game for you. Fun, thought provoking and it eally makes you wonder- what would you do if T-Rex's rampaged your park?

3. The Main Menus

The menu systems are brought up by using L and R.
This menu lets you control your park, breed Dinos and exchange Dinos.

MAIN OFFICE: This is where you advertise, save, set your entry fee and sort out the parks transportation system. The heart of the operation.

EXCAVATION: This lets you send out excavation teams to find dino fossils, amber and the like so you can make dinos and extinct animals from ancient eras!

RESEARCH LAB: Check amber/fossils, make dinos, check DNA... the science stuff. (Dinos cost 5000G to make)

DINO ILLUSTRATION: Check dinos you have made. Simple stuff really.

EXCHANGE: Link-up and trade dinos!

This menu lets you actually build your park!

Lots of little sub menus to construct your park!
ROADS: (Speaks for itself)
Vehicle Road= 100G (For your busses to get to and from your gate)
Walking Path= 100G (This is what you'll be laying most of! Pedestrian pathways!)
Rotary= 2000G (For busses to turn- essential but you will rarely need more than one)
FACILITIES: (Lifes little luxuries if you want them!)
Street Lamp= 3000G (You will need some of these, but place them sparingly!)
Water Fountain= 3000G (Use in the centre of a square for added effect!)
Clock Tower= 3500G (Tells the time, but do you want visitors to do that???)
VEGETATION: (Plants are necessary to you park for all sorts of reasons!)
Tree= 80G (A basic, dull tree. Use to enclose squares and walkways.)
Grass= 90G (Grass. What can you say about long grass?)
Lotus= 110G (A basic, but pretty and uplifting plant for long stretches of path!)
Cycad= 130G (A very big tree, place next to Brachiosaurus pens for added show!)
Ancient Cedar= 1500G (An expensive tree, but place one or two as features...)
Boulder= 180G (It isn't a plant, but protects areas from little escaped dinos.)
Large Boulder= 2000G (Great, inpenetrable boulder. Use to protect valuable areas!)
SYMBOL: (Statues!)
Goddess Statue= 30000G (A religious statue. Use when you got lotsa cash!)
Stone Raptor= 50000G (Expensive stone statue of a Raptor. Your choice...)
Pteranodon Statue= 200,000G (When you hit the jackpot of G100Million...)
Spinosaurus Statue= 500,000G (As above but this one's even MORE expensive!)
BUILDINGS: (Here we go...)
Hotel= 50000G (Expensive, but necessary! Keep the price fairly low!)
Shop= 40000G (Souvenir shop. Also a good profit-making idea!)
Enclosure= 25000G (Pens to put dinos in.)
REX Burger= 30000G (A fast-food joint!)
Spino Grill= 48000G (A nice, posh restaurant!)
Pteranodon Cafe= 42000G (A cafe with a lot going for it.)
REMOVAL: (80G to remove placed items!)

This mode lets you see the island from an arial view. Check out how much land has been used, how much is free, where potential problems are etc.

Upgrading facilities is a must for customers. Small, boring stores/hotels/restaurants will not empty consumer wallets. Also change rates, and check out other small options.

  Jurassic Park 3: Park Builder

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