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1. History of Jet Grind Radio 2000-2003
2. Controls
3. Characters 1, 2
4. Tips
5. Walkthrough 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8
6. Game Script 1, 2, 3, 4
7. Location of Graffiti Souls 1, 2
8. JET Extras
9. Secrets
10. Soundtrack
11. Codes 1, 2
12. Revisions
13. Special Thanks

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Jet Grind Radio Walkthrough

By: Brad Cherone

5. Walkthrough (7)

>Benten Burning

Tags: Small. . : 9
Large. . : 6
X-Large. : 4
Total: 19
JET: ???

This is one of those maps where you are going to get hit, no matter what you do. The best way to avoid being hit is to lure your enemy away from the tag you are trying to spray. With that said, three of the four areas you have to go through contain a Rokkaku Soldier squad, and a couple of Assassins. Let's begin.

You start out in the railroad station. Fill up your can capacity to as much as you can, while getting the only tag in here, a small one on the northeast wall (1). After that, make your way southeast to the entrance to the market circle.

There are four tags in this area. 1+4=5. The first one to go for is the one directly north. It is an x-large one (2). Watch out for Assassins though. When they get close, disengage, and lure them away. Then come back and finish off the tag. After that, go slightly to the east and get the small tag (3). After that, go back west and grind the rail, spraying a tag (4). Jump, grind another rail and spray once again (5). Use the ramp you are near to jump into the housing district.

In the housing district, there are nine tags. 1+4+9=14. Follow the northeast wall and spray the two large tags, and the one x-large tag (6-8). Watch out for Assassins once again. After that, make your way west and along the northwest wall is another large tag (9). You have to act quickly for the next tag. Continue on south to the building and on the southwest side of the building is another large tag (10). After that, the Flame Squad will appear. These guys are deadly. Quickly make your way northeast and spray the two small tags (11-12). Make sure you have enough for a x-large tag. When you do, go ahead and do the Spiral Skip that is describe in the Tips section. Spray the x-large tag (13). Now make your way to the final tag in this section that is all the way south (14). After that, use the north overpass to go into the business district.

There are five tags in the business district. 1+4+9+5=19. It does not matter which tags you spray in what order in this section. I would start with the one that is near the middle (15), and make my way counter clockwise, spraying the two small ones (16-17), the x-large one (18) and then finally finishing off the level with the last small one (19).

Congrats! You have beaten Burning Benten.

>Fight or Flight

Tags: Small. . : 19
Large. . : 2
X-Large. : 5
Total: 26
JET: ???

This stage is just like the last couple of stages. You will have to go through three different levels, which include the shantytown, sewer, the junkyard building, and finally the junkyard. You will need to use a lot of cans, so I suggest using Tab, even though its still easily accomplished using Beat.

Starting off, grind your way up the stairs. Make your way all the way northeast. At the end of the road, turn southeast, and grind the rail so you pick up a bunch of spray cans. Jump from rail to house to rail when the time comes. When you are on the rail going northwest, and near the top, jump down to where you started. Spray the x-large tag (1). Make your way northwest and enter the sewer. When you get to the half pipe area, go northwest. Grind your way everywhere in this area. Grind the west side of the half pipe here. Watch out for the snipers Spray the two small tags (2-3) and then reverse directions and go southeast. Jump onto the east side of the half pipe and continue grinding until you hit another small tag (4). After this, troops will arrive in the junkyard. Do not worry about them, as they are weak. Make your way to the middle bridge so you can jump over the center and onto the other side. Jump off the grind and into the second half pipe area. Grind the northwest side and tag two more small tags (4-6). Jump off and onto the other side of the tags. When you see the next arrow, jump off. This is an x-large tag (7). Move southwest and tag the final of this area, a small tag (8). After this, Jetpack soldiers will arrive. Go northeast and make your way out of this area and into the junkyard building.

There are four tags in the upper level of the building. 8+4=12. Fill up on cans by grinding the rail around the center lot. Make your way up the stairs in the southeast by grinding. Watch out for snipers. Jump the gap, and then jump off the rail. Tag the small tag on the northeast wall (9). Make your way southwest and tag the remaining three in this level (10-12). Jump down a level and fill up on cans again. Leave the area through the west corner.

There are seven tags in this area. 8+4+7=19. Make your way to the ramp in the southeast. Go up the ramp and on the northeast wall is a small tag (13). Turn northwest and go through the gap to get to the second level of the building. Spray the two x-large tags (14-15). If you do not have enough cans to get an x- large tag and three small ones, return back into the building and grab some more. Otherwise, make your way to the northwest wall off the center lot. There are three small tags arranged in a way where you can tag the first one, wall grind the second one, and then jump and wall grind, and then jump again to get to the third one (15-18). Try your best, and if you mess up, keep trying. Head back to wear you started this wall grind festival and leave the center lot, and grind the railing northbound. Jump off and make quick work of the final tag in this area, an x-large (19). Make your way north and exit into the shantytown for the final area.

There are seven remaining tags. 8+4+7+7=26. Go southeast and when an opening in the southwest all opens, go in there and spray the large tag (20). Go southwest and grind the pipe. Hit the small tag (21). After that, head southeast and come to the next tag, a small one (22). Jump onto the top of the buildings from level two, and go southwest. Be careful here. Try and jump and spray the small tag on the northwest wall (23). Do not fall into the manhole. Go southeast and spray the large tag on the north wall (24). Continue southeast and then turn northeast, grind the benches, and jump the gap. When you hit the next bench, be ready to spray another small tag (25). All you need now is one can of spray. Make your way up the stairs, either walking or spraying. When you get to the top, go onto the buildings from the second level again, but make your way northeast. Try and do the same thing you did on tag #23 (26).

Congrats! You have beaten Fight or Flight.

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