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Dragon-Ball-z: Legacy of Gokuu

By Vegita Guardian Of Destiny

IV. Walkthrough (1)

As per usual with my Dragon Ball guides, the walkthrough itself will be done from Vegita's point of view. Take it away, Veggie!

"Thank you, ugly. ('HEY!') Ok, so where do we begin? Why don't you start by selecting the 'New Game' option? Heck, even if you have a saved game, you could start a new game over. As long as you never get to the point where you have to beat me, or that part near the end where I die, then I'm perfectly all right with you playing through the game.

"...ok, so you actually want to play, eh? Well, let's start from the beginning. After the introductory message boxes, you will be placed in the role of Gokuu (hmph, wimp), located on Master Roshi's island.

Master Roshi's Island

"Feel free to talk to anyone there - the Turtle, Master Roshi, Kuririn, Gohan, or Bulma - to hear some inane chatter. But wait, it would appear that Master Roshi has a job for you to do!"

***** Quest #1: Roshi's Magazines *****
2 Sensu Beans
1 Herb
350 Experience

"Master Roshi has lost his...erm, 'naughty' magazines, and wants you to find them for him. It would be in your best interest to do so, Gokuu, since Gohan is an easily impressionable child and you DON'T want him seeing that trash. Therefore, your job is to locate Roshi's 3 'lost' (chuckle) magazines and return them to him. The first one is directly to the RIGHT of Roshi, so pick that one up (using the A BUTTON). The next Magazine is on the UP and to the LEFT of Roshi, so walk along the shore and pick this one up as well. The last Magazine is in Roshi's living room, so enter the Kame House (walk up the stairs from the left, then walk straight up) and pick up that one as well. If you want to hear some of Gokuu's witty reparte, walk up to Roshi's refridgerator or the Closet next to the fridge. The first 2 Magazines will net you a Senzu Bean each, while the 3rd will get you an Herb and 350 Experience.

*** Quest #1 Completed ***

"Since all you needed to gain a level was 350 Experience, this means Gokuu will gain a level up. This oh-so-proud moment of the weak getting stronger is spoiled by the arrival of Gokuu's older brother, Raditz. See, Raditz knows that Gokuu was sent to this planet to destroy all the life on it, but since everyone is still alive, this means his brother has failed. That doesn't surprise ME any (Kakorotto is SUCH a lower-class Saiya-Jin), but to him it is a shock. Gokuu refuses to help Raditz by harming anyone, which doesn't amuse Raditz any. Raditz then makes the decision that Gohan would make a more suitable replacement as a warrior, and kidnaps him. Gokuu, too weak to do anything, is powerless to stop him (Gokuu is pretty darn weak, lemme tell ya). Raditz leaves, Gokuu and Kuririn bluster, and Bulma stands there, looking attractive as ever (I DO end up marrying that girl, you know).

"Piccolo arrives shortly after, commenting on how Raditz is too powerful for either Gokuu or himself to handle. Therefore, you should set aside your differences and team up against him if you want to succeed. Gokuu, ever the consumnate weakling ('Why get stronger than my opponent when I could have someone help me?') agrees to this. He then decides that the fastest way to travel is with his riding cloud, the Flying Nimbus (which, of course, is incorrect, as Gokuu could easily outfly that little thing under his own why am I nitpicking the game?). Gokuu, displaying his vast intelligence, immediately heads...back to his house. His son has been kidnapped, his supremely-powerful brother is threatening to kill everyone on Earth, and his Arch-Nemesis is impatiently waiting for Gokuu to arrive...and Gokuu goes HOME. Folks, let's give a hand to the dumbest hero in the world.

Gokuu's Home/The Forest

"Hey folks, let's think about this logically - your only son has just been kidnapped by your evil, violent, extremely powerful brother. Your wife is notoriously protective of your son, not even wanting him to train in the martial arts because she doesn't want him to get hurt. Therefore, if your son was kidnapped like Gohan has been, would you immediately fly to a location where your wife could find out about what happened? Of course you would, since Gokuu has the brains of a pea. Heck, he doesn't even have a good REASON to come home, yet here he is! Well, I suppose you'll just have to make do with what you're given. If you want to see some of Gokuu's quick-thinking skills, walk behind his house and talk to Chi-Chi. Gokuu will be prompted - rather heavily - to go save their son. You'd best do that, then.

"We might as well explore the area a bit and maybe gain a level or two while we're at it. When Gokuu first arrived at his house, he commented on a snake problem. Don't worry, it's hardly a problem - there are a lot of snakes, but they don't pose much threat to Gokuu (he would have to sustain a LOT of bites just to be seriously injured, so you're ok). Follow the path South of Gokuu's home and you'll notice a Crab walking along near some water. Go ahead, leave the path and talk to the nice Mr...OUCH! Hey, that Crab isn't very nice! Gokuu, I DEMAND you kill that thing, pronto! In fact, there are several near that little pond - kill them too!

"These crabs are nice experience, easily bumping Gokuu up to level 3 and getting him fairly close to Level 4. However, you need to fight more enemies to reach that level - and, more importantly, you'll need some Herbs and/or Senzu Beans to replenish your life, should you get hurt too much. Don't worry, both of them are very close. First, walk Down, past the large rocks, and then head back Left toward the path (you'll be South of the water where you first saw the Crab). If you walk Down in this area, you'll see 6 patches of tall grass. Shoot the grass with Ki Blasts and you'll uncover a different-colored patch of Grass. These are herbs, so pick them up! You'll need them if you want to heal!

"If you walk North (up) from the pond where the crabs were located (which is to the Right of the Herbs you just found), you'll find a set of stairs moving up to a higher area. This one has a bunch of snakes on it, which aren't that good for experience OR healing, so don't bother with that one...instead, walk on the Right of side of this path, continuing Up until you find another path. At the top of this path are 2 Rocks that block the path to the Right; these rocks can be removed by shooting them with Ki Blasts. However, on the other side of the rocks lies a Wolf, so be careful! Once you release the dog, defeat it quickly before it can hurt you too badly! After getting rid of the dog, move right along, then turn and walk down until you find a Senzu Bean on the ground. Pick it up, Gokuu, you'll probably need it!

"Ok, so you've beaten up on seafood, reptiles, canines, and...squirrels. What's left in this place? Well, let's start by moving back to ground level by walking down the stairs. If you proceed Left from here, you'll notice a Flight Charge up on a hill directly south of you. The funny thing about this Flight Charge is that the only way to get it is by it seems a little redundant, eh? Ignore it and keep moving Left. You'll find another patch of Tall Grass and a Wolf, hounding your progress (lame pun) - blast them both at your leisure (preferably the Wolf first). Continuing Left will eventually meet with the Path you originally started on. If you'd follow the path, you will see a lot of trees, a couple of snakes, and 2 patches of Herbs. Therefore, grab the herbs, ignore the snakes, and then head to the Upper-Left corner of the map, where the path will lead you to the next area...

  Dragon-Ball-z: Legacy of Gokuu

Legacy of Gokuu


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