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I. Intro
II. Play Mechanics
III. Frequently Asked Questions
IV. Walkthrough Step 1 2 3 4 5
V. Item lists
VI. Garage/Village Building
VII. Shop list
VIII. Credits

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Car Battler Joe FAQ/Walkthrough

By Captain K.

II. Play Mechanics

The controls are fairly simple in this game. You walk around with the control pad and talk to people with the A button. The B button makes you run. Press start to bring up the menus.

When driving your car, the following controls are used. Press the A button to accelerate. Letting go of the A button causes your car to slowly deccelerate. Press left or right while driving to turn your car. You can also turn while stopped, but this turning is slower than if you are moving. Hold down on the control pad and press A to drive backwards. You can turn while driving backwards by pressing *slightly* to the right or left. If you press too much to the side your car will start going forward again.

The R shoulder button fires weapons. If there is an enemy in range of one of your weapons (a cross-hairs of some kind will appear), then that weapon will fire. Otherwise, pressing this button causes your default weapon to fire (whichever one is in the first position). It's a very good idea to make a fast-firing weapon your default.

The L shoulder button causes your car to eject any material it is carrying. This is used when you want to pick up a new item but don't have space for it. The object in the last position is ejected first. The ejected material can damage enemy vehicles, so use it when they try to sneak behind you.

The B button combined with a direction on the control pad activates your Overdrive. You don't start with any Overdrives. You will have to find them in stores or scattered around the countryside. Up to three Overdrives can be assigned at any time. The up position contains Overdrives that let you jump over obstacles or dash quickly. The side position contains Overdrives that let you turn quickly or slide. The back position contains Overdrives that let you turn invisible or put up protective shields.

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