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1) Introduction
2) Updates
3) Characters
4) Controls
5) Story
6) Bosses
7) Worlds
8) Special Abilities
9) Enemy List
10) Items
11) Walkthrough (Worlds 123456 )
12) Electoon Cages
13) Codes/Secrets
14) FAQ
15) Credits

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Rayman Advance FAQ/Walkthrough

By Hylianhero

7) Worlds

Dream Forest-This world consists of the Pink Plant Woods, the Anguish Lagoon, Swamps of Forgetfulness, and Moskito's Ness. You'll meet up with Betilla the Fairy twice here, where she grants you the telescopic fist and grappling ability. Rayman will also meet the seed-loving naked Tarayzan.

Band Land-Explore shakers, notes, broken music scores, drums, and other instruments in Bongo Hills,Allergo Presto, Gong Heights, and Mr. Sax's Hillaballoo. Here, Betilla the Fairy will grant you the hanging power.

Blue Montains-Dodge spikes, boulders and other hazards in the Twilight Gulch, Hard Rocks, and Mr. Stone's Peak. The musician will grant Rayman a flying power for finding his guitar, and Betilla will bestow a running ability on you after hammering Mr. Stone.

Picture City-Be creative in the Eraser Plains, Pencil Pentathlon, and Space Mama's Crater. Dodge the ying-yangs and swing from hoop to hoop over bottomless pits.

Caves of Skops-Meet up with aliens in the Crystal Palace, Eat at Joe's, and Mr. Skop's Stalactites. Meet up with Joe the Extra-Terrestrial to be given the Firefly ability, which will allow you to explore dark caves.

Candy Chateau-Congraluations! You've collected every Electoon and have made it to the final area. Face off with Mr. Dark here, and images of Mr. Skops, Space Mama, and Moskito. It's all or nothing in a battle for all the worlds!

8) Special Abilities

Telescopic Fist-This power is given to Rayman at the pink Plant woods level in the Dream forest. Simply press B to execute the move. Holding B will make the fist go further.

Hanging-This ability is received at the end of the second level of the Dream Forest. It lets you hang from the edge of a cliff of an object.

Magic Seed-Tarayzan gives you this when you return his clothes in the Swamps of Forget- fulness. Press the R button to plant a seed.

Grappling-Betilla the Fairy grants Rayman the grappling ability after beating Moskito in the Moskito's Nest level in the Dream Forest. Simply punch when you're close to a pink hoop to swing from it.

Helicopter-Rayman receives a hair-involving ability at the end of the Allergo Presto level in Band Land. Tap A while in the air to execute this move.

Super Helicopter-Returning the guitar to the musician in Mr. Stone's peak in the Blue Mountains World will give Rayman the ability to fly. Keep tapping A while in the air to fly higher.

Running-After beating Mr. Stone in the Blue Mountain world, Betilla will bestow Rayman with a running ability. Hold R while walking to run.

Firefly-Joe the Extra-Terrestrial will give you this ability to light caves in the "Eat at Joe's" level in the Caves of Skops world. Punch your fist outwards, and the light will follow it.

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