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1) Introduction
2) Updates
3) Characters
4) Controls
5) Story
6) Bosses
7) Worlds
8) Special Abilities
9) Enemy List
10) Items
11) Walkthrough (Worlds 123456 )
12) Electoon Cages
13) Codes/Secrets
14) FAQ
15) Credits

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Rayman Advance FAQ/Walkthrough

By Hylianhero

11) Walkthrough

Caves of Skops, 5th World

Crystal Palace

Stage 1-For the first part of this stage, just keep swinging on the pink hoops. When you're trying to swing over a spike, make sure you press up so you won't take damage. Eventually, you'll reach a platform that will raise you up to another platform. Now fall down, and swing on more pink hoops. The next part is quite tricky. You'll have to swing on one side of the hoop, and at the peak of your swing, let go and start swinging from another, higher hoop. Do this, and then across two pink hoops, and you'll reach the exit.

Stage 2-Ride the platform up, then jump and ride another down. Before you fall to your doom, jump to the right and land on another one, which will take you up again. Ride another down, and then one more up, then quickly hop across the platforms before they fall. Now that you're on safe and stable ground, proceed to the right. Now, jump down, avoid the golden spikes, then time your jumps across the vanishing clouds with rotating spikes around them. Get your picture taken at the photographer, then go right and leap across more clouds, while punching the big spike. Now head up to the right platform, then use the platforms that go in a diagional line to reach the top. Fall down, then keep swinging across the pink hoops until you reach a pounding blue icicle. Use him to reach stable ground, then use the cloud's bounce to jump up and destroy the boulder. Bounce again high, then helicopter to the other cloud, and do the same thing to reach more land. Fall down on the moving platform, then dodge the birds until you can reach the land on the right side. Destroy the boulder, then walk to where it was, then walk back to your left and exit the stage and level.

Eat at Joe's

Stage 1-Walk to the right of Joe, then go back to the left. He'll give you the firefly ability. Now you're in a cave. Go right a bit, then jump up and you'll land on a platform with an antitoon. Keep lighting the way with your fist and jumping across more platforms until you reach large land at the top. Now crawl under the spikes, and when at the other side, charge up your fist and let it loose at the hunter. Go right and hover over the thorns, then land on the cloud and let it drop you down to ground. Now jump right, over the gap, then jump up and kill the flying antitoons. Now go across the clouds, and you'll eventually reach a part where you have to quickly do leaps of faith in the dark across vanishing clouds. Take your time, and the clouds will eventually lead you to a stage exit sign.

Stage 2-Walk left, and hop on the cloud, then hop on the next, making another appear, which you should hop on too. You'll do this until you make hoops appear, where you'll swing to sparks that will make more hoops appear to swing on. After a bit, you should land on a moving gold spike(that's flat on the top). Now fall down from the platform, and walk left. You have to hit the boulder when the spike is away from you, then duck when it's close, then repeat. Once it's destroyed, fall down and land on land. Follow the path they give you, then do some gold spike hopping until you reach the top. Now duck under the spikes and land on the cloud, then drop down and to the right. Now hover between the spikes and towards regular ground. Now head right, drop down then keep heading left. Now head down, right, then left again, all while carefully navigating your path and dodging the spikes(easier then it sounds). Do some cloud hopping to the right, then use the icicle to get dropped to a lower path. Continue left, and when you see the clouds just jump and hover as far as you can to the left, then walk right to the exit sign.

Stage 3-Jump and swing from the falling hoop, then quickly jump onto land. Destroy the stonedogs. Head left to the spark, then head right again to avoid the birds. Now crawl left and avoid the mosquito and the big spike(if you crawl fast it shouldn't hit you) and then use the blue icicle and golden spike to reach a power outlet. Walk left a bit, and you'll make a blue icicle appear. Use it to reach the saucer, then ride it. At the end of it's path, jump off and exit the stage.

Stage 4-Walk right and jump on the saucer. This ride is much tougher. You first have to punch a spike, then punch a switch to keep going, then duck under, jump over, and again punch spikes. You'll have to dodge icicles and birds too, after those spikes. At the end of the ride, you have to once again punch a big spike to make it avoid you, then jump and helicopter to the right. You'll swing from too pink hoops, then land on another saucer(yay). Punch the switch, then get ready to jump to another saucer-this one's path ends quite quickly.

Once on the third saucer, duck under the thorns, and then when it goes all the way up, hop on the fourth one. The fourth one will go right a bit, then up, and dump you off at the stage exit sign.

Stage 5-The final stage in this horrible level. Notice that there have been no photographers? Jump to the joe water balloon, then jump to the next, and the next. Finally, you'll reach one that has a spark over it, making a seal punch you. Use the seal to time your jumps, and jump over the spikes. Once you're past the spikes, leap and helicopter to the next balloon. let the seal push you, then jump to the spikes, grab the health ball, turn around and nab the electoon cage, then take a running jump to the next balloon, with some help. Continue this until you reach a balloon near a blue icicle. Jump on the icicle and let the ball get pushed to the other side, then hop on it. Take a running leap over the spikes, then land on the next balloon and duck. Let the seal push you to the next one, then keep leaping to the next balloon until you reach one with the stage and level exit.

Mr. Skop's Stalactites

Stage 1-This is a very easy stage. Swing from the pink hoops is the objective. You'll reach falling platforms, and one you have to hit a spiked ball, but other then that, it's very easy. Just keep swinging. Near the end, you'll have to jump across gold platforms that move all over the place. To get on the last platform, swing from the pink hoop to the right of it. Then go to the stage exit sign. Easy, eh?

Stage 2-The battle already? Short level! Walk to the gold platform nearest Mr. Skops. Dodge his claw, and when he knocks down the platform closest to him, just lay on the cloud underneath, ducking. When all the platforms are gone, he'll back away. Follow him. Now, stand on the platform farthest from him. He'll shoot each with a blue fire- ball; jump to the next closest when he does. Eventually, you'll reach the platform he was on. He backs up, and you'll swing from two hoops onto the next platform. Follow him right once more to reach the stage exit sign.

Stage 3-The real fight. When he shoots blue fireballs, jump up and hit him in the face, avoiding the fireball. Dodge his claw when he fires it at you. Now when he has one hit left he'll get much closer. Just hit him in the noggin once he fires at you, and you'll win.

You get a message from Betilla the Fairy! She's in trouble, and you need to hurry to save her! Well, if you have all the Electoons from all the levels, you can now continue to Candy Chateau. if you don't, go back and find them!


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